Don’t Miss: THE END LEAGUE #5

When Rick Remender, the writer of Fear Agent, XXXombies, and Punisher: War Journal, announced his new series The End League (published by Dark Horse Comics), there was a lot of hype and promotion around it. Remender laid out the plans for an epic super hero story that described as Watchmen meets The Lord of the Rings (hyperbole? perhaps). I started reading the book with excitement, but with a bit of trepidation. Unfortunately, the book fell a bit short, but when issue #4 came out, and we got a glimpse of new series artist Eric Canete, I started to get excited for it again. And then after we spoke with Rick Remender on Talksplode, his excitement for the new direction of the series with Canete got my interested piqued again.

When we got our hands on the first 7 pages of issue #5, scheduled to ship this Wednesday, we passed it around the iFanboy office with glee. So much glee, that we had to share with all of you.

As you can see, the visual look of the book has evolved with Canete’s unique style, which is now serving as the motivation to pick up this book.  After seeing these first couple of pages, the excitement around these archetype characters that Remender has dreamed up is totally there and worth checking out.

The End League #5 hits the stands this Wednesday, check out the art below and be sure to pick it up when you get your books this week!

The End League #5 Cover Artwork


The End League #5 Preview Pages




  1. Me loves Canete’s artwork.  I’m really excited to see this series back on track.  Even if the story sucks (which it probably won’t), it will be worth buying for the art.

  2. I’m sold. 

  3. Anyone else that loves Canete’s art better check out Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin.  Canete drew the crap out of that book.

  4. I’m all over this. Looks amazing. I’m digging the story so far too.

  5. I wasn’t sure I was gonna pull this until someone mentioned Enter the Mandrin. Then I realized it was the same Canete that I’ve been oggling over at his blog ( He’s really, really good. Not sure if I’m liking the feel of the colors/inks on these, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I’m picking it up anyway.