DON’T MISS: The Anchor Vol. 1 with Phil Hester

Phil Hester and Brian Churilla are weaving a fun and epic action adventure romp with their new series The Anchor. The first four issues have already hit stands, but now you have the chance to catch up with the release of the first trade paperback volume of the series. Follow Clem, a 1000 year old monk as he travels Hell and Earth in his battle against the forces of evil.

Chris Neseman talks with writer Phil Hester about the new series and what readers can look forward to when they jump into The Anchor.

– Hester talks about how he has been writing more in the past two years, and about his evolution as a writer/artist..

 – There is a lot of research involved in writing the series as well as inspiration found in random Wikipedia articles.

So take a listen and find out why the first trade of The Anchor is a book you Don't want to Miss!

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The Anchor Vol. 1
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Brian Churilla

$9.99 – Boom! Studios

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #12 with Phil Hester

Total Running Time: 15:00

Missionary Man


  1. Love this series….Just an original and fun book out of the mainstream….

  2. It really is a FUN book. I hope people check it out. For $10 it’s a great chunk of story.

  3. This is what the main character, Clem,  is based on:

    An IMMURED ANCHORITE, considered by many to be a myth, is aTibetan monk who has taken a vow to spend their life permanently sealed inside a small walled cell. The walled cell, only large enough for the monk to sit in meditation, has only a single stone that is moved tooffer bread and water once a day. The cell has no windows and the monkspends his life in complete darkness.

  4. I Know! The crazy shit you can find on wikipedia makes for some awesome comics ideas. Once you get past all of the Soccer entries:)

  5. I am in love with this book. It’s the first thing on my stack every time. Great series if you like myths, action, adventure, and goo monthly storytelling. Oh, and magnificent art, too! Damn, this is so good and nobody reads it 🙁

  6. How did I never hear about this?  It sounds great!

  7. We talked about the first issue on our audio show.

  8. @gobo: I don’t know, we talked about the first issue on the show. 😉

  9. Yes, I love goo… Obviously meant good, but who’s counting, right?

  10. Well, now it’s obvious, Phil Hester is the one to give credit for the Saints winning the Super Bowl.

  11. I had a chance to read #5 already, and wow.  This is great stuff I liked it a lot.  I just might have to pick up this trade.  Seriously awesome comic!

  12. Phil Hester really is one of the unsung writers in comics these days.  His stuff is always well-thought out and researched.  Usually he makes sure that there’s good slugfest or two in there as well. 

  13. Jesus Christ, Neseman’s infecting iFanboy with his musical taste

  14. and he’s banging on about americian sports too. aww, god damn it!