Don’t Miss: SUPERMAN #676 written by Vito Delsante

It’s not often that we can say we know someone who wrote a story in Superman, so we’re going to celebrate it as much as we can!

Superman #676 ships this week, featuring a story drawn by Julian Lopez, a cover by Alex Ross and written by Vito Delsante, a long time friend of iFanboy.

We first met Vito at his job at Jim Hanley’s Universe, and have hung out at numerous conventions, signings and other comics related events. He’s an aspiring comic book writer, and with his words gracing the pages of one of the oldest and most revered comics, it’s gotta be a good week for Vito and we’re ecstatic for him and hope you will be too.

So when you head to your local comic shop tomorrow, give Superman #676 a try and check out Vito’s work. I haven’t read it yet, but from what he told me, it sounds like a great issue! It features Superman’s first meeting with Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern! Who doesn’t love Alan Scott? He is one of iFanboy’s favorite characters! And an Alex Ross cover! How cool is that?

Congrats Vito from all of us here at iFanboy.


  1. Here Here! Can’t wait. I make a monthly trip to the store, but it’ss defintley pulled. Congrats Vito. Great job managing the podcast Panel at Wondercon!

  2. I’m totally gonna buy it, plus i heard that he is doing a signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe(the one in front of the Empire State) on May 14th from 6-8. Also, i think that Joe and Adam Kubert are going to be there. As well as Pete Carlson and Mike Lilly. Again, not sure so can someone confirm that for me?

  3. Is that… Solomon Grundy?

    Oh man, if Vito makes Solomon Grundy cool then he’s pretty much awesome in my book! =)

  4. @Julian

    that signing just got better.  Stephane Roux is in town, so he’ll be here for the signing.  Mike Lilly is moved to next week.  Dean just might be stopping by.


    And thanks everyone.  I hope you all like it! 

  5. i think im missing the signing. but im going during lunch for my comics, VITO you better be there!!

  6. Alex Ross covers are cool?

  7. @JD – Yes, usually.  🙂

  8. Sweet. The cover reminds me of the Crash Test Dummies song, Superman.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this issue, kudos to Mr. Delsante *HIGHFIVE* 😀 Wish I lived remotely near New York so I could have gone to the signing but the book was awesome!

  10. Awesome! Awesome that he did it, awesome that people are promoting it, awesome that people are liking it. If you want to know what’s great about iFanboy, by the way, compare and contrast: