DON’T MISS: Supergirl #50 with Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle

Supergirl #50 from DC ComicsThis week's Don't Miss book is the landmark 50th issue of Supergirl. One of the great things about comics can be the long history and deep continuity that characters develop. But that same continuity can also stand as a roadblock to new readers. Supergirl has been one of those characters in the past, but now Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle have turned the cousin of everyone's favorite Kryptonian into an accessible, interesting and ultimately entertaining character in the DC landscape. Gates and Igle join Chris Neseman for a conversation about the challenges and rewards of working on the Supergirl title. Listen in to hear about the "relay race" of the New Krypton event, Helen Slator and Jake Black's back-up story, and a great behind the scenes story about the Michael Turner cover for the 50th issue.

So take a listen and find out why the first trade of Supergirl #50 is a book you Don't want to Miss!

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Supergirl #50
Writer: Sterling Gates
Artist: Jamal Igle

$4.99 – DC Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #13 with Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle

Total Running Time: 16:25

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  1. I had a great time talking with Sterling and Jamal! It’s pretty obvious how much they enjoy doing Supergirl, and I hope you folks check it out. It’s a book I look forward to every month!

  2. I am still debating if I really wanna spend five dollars on this.  Supergirl has been one the books I’ve been reading for a while now but five is just too much for it!!

  3. One of the best books on the racks. DC is really doing a great job of maintaining exceptional quality with their female hero books. Supergirl, Power Girl, Batgirl, Detective. Love it. 

  4. First trade of #50? That makes no sense. Is it an issue or a trade?

  5. @robby Cliff Chiang draws the abcki-up. that’s worth more thna 5 bucks anyday.

  6. @IroncladMerc It’s a single issue. It’s just a typo in the episode description.

  7. I’m having a problem loading this up and it’s not on iTunes; is it working for anyone else?

  8. Its working now

  9. @Heroville

    I’m having the same problem.  It’s still not working for me though.  It starts downloading, but it stays at 0 KB forever. 

  10. I restarted iTunes once or twice and it worked.

  11. It still stays at 0 for me in iTunes. I think there’s something wrong with the iTunes store itself, I checked the feed in the store and it doesn’t list this episode. Same for other podcasts I subscribe to, I can’t download anything right now.

  12. It’s working now, didn’t have to do anything on my end, must have been on Apple’s side.

  13. I might have to check this book, it’s such a pleasure hearing from two creators who love doing what they do..It’s also still a bit throwing to hear Chris Neseman’s manly timbre saying, ‘iFanboy’ 

  14. Neseman is killing on these.  KILLING!

  15. Neseman, you sellout!

  16. Thanks Josh! And Screw You JumpingJupiter!


    I’m having a blast. The hardest part is keeping them under an hour. At this rate I’m gonna have one hell of an "out takes" episode at some point…

  17. Talksplode: Aftershocks!

  18. Bugger an hour. You take all the time you need. These are great.