DON’T MISS: Northlanders #21

Northlanders #21
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Leandro Fernandez
Colorist: Dave McKaig
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Mark Doyle
$2.99 -Vertigo/DC Comics

Tomorrow, Northlanders #21 hits comic stands with the first part of an 8 issue story arc entitled “The Plague Widow.”  Writer Brian Wood and new to Northlanders artist Leandro Fernandez take you to the cold of Russia in 1020 A.D. for this tale of crime, survival and historical fiction.

Brian Wood stopped by and chatted with us for a little bit to tell us about this new issue of Northlanders, from the setting and the basic story to the origins of the research involved with putting this story together.  We also find out about what it’s like to work with a new artist like Leandro Fernandez and the challenges of giving an artist from South America a story set in Russia in the winters. 

The Vertigo blog recently highlighted the art of Leandro Fernandez where you can see some dazzling pencils to inks.

So give a listen and if you enjoy crime stories, or historical fiction, or survival horror, Northlanders #21 may be a good book to check out at the comic book store tomorrow.

Listen to Talksplode #15 with Brian Wood:

Total Running Time: 16:21

The Sword

Click on the below art to see the first 5 pages of Northlanders #21:



  1. Leandro Fernandez is friggin’ great. He’s a huge talent!

  2. I’m on travel this week, can’t wait to download it when I get home.  I loved your other Brian Wood interviews, got me to try DMZ.

  3. If my shop has a copy, I will pick it up.

  4. I have every issue of Northlanders so far and im not stopping now!

  5. I will pick this one. thats a pretty long arc for northlanders

  6. i dropped northlanders early on, but the art does look great. maybe i’ll give it another shot this week and see if i enjoy it more this time around. I haven’t listened yet, but i hope Wood discusses DMZ as well. I read it in trade but the last two have been really solid

  7. Tempting, but I bought the first 2 volumes in trades, so I’m gonna stick to that format. This and DMZ are two of my favorite books right now

  8. This book is absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to get home and listen to the interview.

  9. I’ve been digging this book since the get-go, especially the Ireland set manhunt and the gorgeous Daniel Zezelj two parter.  Keep the high concept Viking action coming!

  10. Northlanders is a fantastic series. I’m glad that we live in a market that can actually support a book like this. Still can’t believe it’s made it to 20 issues. Brian Wood has got some great ideas up in that head of his. Can’t wait to hear him talk about this series. Come on, people! Give it a shot! I don’t really care about vikings (even though I’m Minnesotan) but this book made me a huge fan!

  11. I may pick this up, I loved Fernandez’s work on The Slavers storyarc from PUNISHER

  12. Fernandez is great.  Can’t wait to read this in trade.

  13. This is very tempting.  It will be a "gut" thing if I pick it up.

  14. I may have to pick this up now.

  15. Holy shit, you’re playing The Sword! I hadn’t listened to the talksplode until just now and that happens to be my favorite band.

    After listening to all of the talksplode I think I’m going to switch to issues with this arc. I can’t wait 8 or 9 months to read this story