DON’T MISS: New Mutants #15 with Zeb Wells

New Mutants #15One of my favorite new series of the past year has been New Mutants, as written by Zeb Wells. Now that Second Coming is wrapping up, Zeb launches the New Mutants into their next challenge with Fall of the New Mutants.  With fan favorite artist Leonard Kirk coming on board to provide pencils, Zeb is set to take the New Mutants on another adventure, but he does give us a moment to breathe in New Mutants #15.  Zeb talks about his take on these established characters and how he's been able to make New Mutants matter again in the X-Universe.

NOTE: Shipping changes by Marvel & Diamond means that New Mutants #15 is not shipping this week, rather next week on 7/21/10.

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  1. Hey guys, the episode downloaded, but it was last weeks, with Matt Fraction.

  2. Guess I should say, the iTunes download was from last week.

  3. I’ve been really liking New Mutants too, but… the teaser for "Fall of the New Mutants" in last week’s X-Men #1 really turned me off. The one that basically said the team is going to get their ass kicked and everything is going to suck for them.

    These are characters I enjoy, and I’d like something more for/from them than constant angst and torture. There’s a point where this kind of drama just goes beyond reasonable adversity and becomes pointless suffering. I’m not fond of that. The promise of a breather issue seems nice, especially considering the series hasn’t even had the chance to deal with the fallout of Doug’s return yet, but… I’m uncertain about this one.

  4. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    @blulew23: Same here.  The title and episode notes are for Zeb Wells, but the audio is last week’s.

  5. Even though its from last week still a great interview by Chris with Matt Fraction.

  6. sorry about that – the feed has been updated and fixed and you should now be able to download the interview with Zeb

  7. Looks like this book got delayed =

  8. Hmm, guess I should’ve listened to the podcast before making my pulls

  9. Quick question, I’m 3 issues behind on Second Coming, does this spoil anything for Second Coming part 11 on?

  10. I dropped this and X-Men Legacy when I learned of the Second Coming crossover but I’m thinking about picking both titles up again now that that’s about over.  Artists like Leonard Kirk and Clay Mann make them harder to resist.  I only read some of the New Mutants Necrosha crossover but I really enjoyed the way Zeb wrote Doug Ramsey.

    I’m curious what the hook of the post-Second Coming X-Men is before I commit.  Also, it’d be nice if this book had some time to do its own thing for a while.

  11. I like Wells and I like Kirk, but the New Mutants have never done anything for me (and I was there back in ’83 when they were introduced for pete’s sake). However, having just read Annihilation Conquest and seeing what a badass Warlock can be .. I dunno, but I’ll prolly give it a try now. Thanks for the interview, Ron.