DON’T MISS: Mysterius The Unfathomable with Tom Fowler

In early 2009 Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler created a despicable, hilarious and magical character named Mysterius The Unfathomable. The Wildstorm series is now available in a collected edition and Tom Fowler is here to talk about it. Listen into hear about the adventures of Mysterius and his new assistant Delphi as they travel around the world of modern magic. Tom discusses how he and Jeff Parker teamed-up for the project and how their mutual love of Douglas Adams served as inspiration.

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Mysterius The Unfathomable Vol. 1
$17.99 – Wildstorm/DC Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #17 with Tom Fowler

Total Running Time: 17:30

Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles



  1. So glad to see this finally go on sale. I really enjoyed the 1st issue, but decided to wait around for the trade. Now I’m kind of sorry that I did as their issue sales weren’t exactly where they needed to be. I highly recommend people picking this up — plus Heavy Ink has it on sale for 35% off this week.

  2. So glad to hear you guys interviewed Tom Fowler! I first heard about him on 11 O’Clock Comics, unfortunately it was too late and I missed the boat on this series when it was first released. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the trade ever since. I’ve loved his work ever since i found out about this series and I actually commissioned a kick ass piece from him featuring Sinestro, Atrocitus and Larfleez ( which is now framed and up on my wall next to a Brian Bolland Hal Jordan commission (believe it or not, Fowler’s is better). He’s a local boy and I’ll be going to a signing he’s doing in town on Wednesday and I look forward to meeting him. He’s always a great interview and I can’t wait to listen to this podcast! 

  3. Man I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like ages.

  4. This was the mother of all edited interviews. I have about 30 mins of unused bits and fun stories. I hope you folks enjoy the talk. Tom is a great guy, and Mysterius is a book that should be on your shelves.

  5. @ChrisNeseman Sooo are you saying we’ll be getting a director’s cut of this interview? I hope so

  6. Ha! I don’t know. Come to C2E2 and I’ll let you listen to the unedited version for sure. 🙂