DON’T MISS: Magdalena #1 with Ron Marz

Writer Ron Marz talks to Josh about his new series from Top Cow, about a woman named Patience who kills demons with a big spear, Magdalena #1.  But there's more to it than that.  Marz has been running things in Witchblade, and the Top Cow Universe for about 5 years, and this is the book he's always wanted to write.  There's some political, church intrigue, the aforementioned demons and spears, and a fantastic art team of Nelson Blake II, Sal Regla, and Dave McCaig.  Also, a cover by Ryan Sook!  Don't miss Magdalena #1 at the shop this Wednesday!

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Magdelena #1 -$3.99 – Top Cow/Image Comics

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  1. Okay. Interested! Will pick this up and give it a shot. Thank you ifanboy for once again introducing new things to spend money on.

  2. I read an advance copy of this two weeks ago and was impressed enough to increase my order for my store.  I hadn’t read any Magdalena prior to that, but it should appeal to fans of the Da Vinci Code and Hellboy.


  3. It’s a really nice looking book inside as well.

  4. I really enjoyed this podcast. I think its criminal that Ron Marz isn’t a bigger name in comics. 

    You did a great job on this one Josh! (As always mate) 

  5. ron marz be a bigger name? he’s the ahole that killed Hal! single handedly responsible for H.E.A.T.! and letting kyle walk around with that mask for years.

    All kidding aside, I love Ron Marz, I’ve loved his run in top cow and I remember when magdalena first came out (I hawhat potential it had, and it was pretty much all cheese then, I look foward to having some depth with this character, and heres hoping that she doesn’t run around in a thong this time!

  6. I’ve never read any Magdalena, but I’ve always liked the character design. Sexy and dangerous without being ridiculous.

  7. Oh, wait, I guess the old version had that silly mid-driff thing going on. This is a much better costume.

  8. this interview was tight

  9. A big thanks to Josh for conducting this interview. We’re incredibly proud of Magdalena #1 and think it’s the type of book that has a ton of potential for new and existing readers alike. Magdalena is one of my favorite characters in our library and I think we’ve finally achieved the right combination of story and art to let her shine. 

    Take care,

    Filip Sablik

    Publisher, Top Cow Productions 

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