DON’T MISS: Luna Park with Kevin Baker

This week, Josh talks to Kevin Baker about his new graphic novel, Luna Park from Vertigo, illustrated by the fantastic Danjel Zezelj.  This is Baker’s first graphic novel, but he’s already a New York Times best selling author of books like Dreamland and Paradise AlleyLuna Park is a story about a down and out former Russian soldier trying to find his way through life among the crumbling ruins of the once great Coney Island. 

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Luna Park

Writer: Kevin Baker
Artist: Danjel Zezelj
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher

$24.99 – Vertigo Comics
Buy Luna Park at Amazon

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Total Running Time: 11:39

Coney Island
Death Cab for Cutie



  1. It’s a little pricey for only a 160 page book. Think I’ll pass.

  2. gona be great!

  3. @ironclad $24.99 is the standard price for a hardcover comic release of that page count. You can find it online for at least 30% off, so don’t let the price turn you off if you feel interested in the story.

  4. This looked really interesting.  Excited to hear about some details in the podcast.

  5. Another one for the wish list. 

  6. Picked this up at my lcs last week.  Haven’t had time to read it yet but man it’s gorgeous.  The art was a big selling point but I’ve gotta say the story sounds great.  And by the way, it looks well worth the 24.99…

  7. I lucked out because my lcs dealer bought a copy for himself to read, so he’s going to sell it to me for half-price:)  Yeh for half-price!