DON’T MISS: Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1 with J.T. Krul

Coming out of the shocking events of Justice League: Cry for Justice, writer J.T. Krul has taken the reigns on the Green Arrow family of books, and this week with Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1, he begins the journey of Roy Harper, or Red Arrow as he's been known recently, as he finds out about the death of his daughter and the loss of right arm.  With the fall of Green Arrow and the rise of Arsenal, Krul is writing some of his favorite characters in the DC Universe and after hearing him talk about it, it's hard to not get as excited as he is for the upcoming stories featuring these characters.

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Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1
$3.99 – DC Comics

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Total Running Time: 14:58


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  1. Funny. When I read Cry for Justice, I struck the exact same pose as Roy on that cover.

  2. Looking forward to listening to this. I dug Cry for Justice and the following specials. Since I listened to Krul on wordballoon, I’ve been excited for his work with the Green Arrow universe.

  3. Who’s the guy far right with his head tilted down?

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Fvckstick – Looks like Green Arrow to me. 

  5. You know, I expected better from Robinson. ‘

    I hate when supporting characters are killed, esspeciallt young ones, because they never come back and because it’s just a cheap way for a character to under-go trauma that they’ll froget in 4 years when the dead character is forgotten by readers and the current writer. 

    I hope these books make Cry for Justice right, because I genuinely liked Cry until then, and I do like JT a lot. Looking forward to these despite what they have to work with.

  6. The pacing and focus of the entire Cry for Justice run is questionable.
    I don’t believe the entire story was fleshed out before the title was started – it felt like the book changed to fit a new concept towards the end – and did so very poorly. To me – as a Justice League book – it seemed to focus on the non-league characters more than the League members. Then at the end it flipped, totally forgetting the non-members . . . 

  7. . . . regarding this title . . .   
    I’m willing to try it, but I’m getting the feeling that we will be seeing a replay of the ol’ Aquaman-loses-hand-gets-a-harpoon-replacement storyline.

  8. It’s just a flesh wound…

  9. @Fvkstick That’s actually the lead singer from Creed.

  10. Seriously, Scott Stapp about to become an extremely important person in the DCU.  Really.