DON’T MISS: JSA All Stars #1 with Matt Sturges

JSA All Stars #1We've joked for years now about how the Justice Society of America had too many characters, and it looks as if DC Comics agreed as Matt Sturges and Freddie Williams III team up on the new spin-off book, JSA All Stars #1, which creates a new team comprised of characters from the Justice Society of America book.  Josh caught up with Matt Sturges to hear about what book will be about, how he picked the characters for the team, how a DC Comics writer works around Blackest Night and what working with Freddie Williams III has been like.

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JSA All Stars #1
Writer: Matt Sturges
Artist: Freddie Williams III
$3.99 – DC Comics

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Total Running Time: 13:13

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Check out the first 5 pages of JSA All Stars #1:




  1. Freddie Williams III   /golfclap

  2. Oops, I meant /clap.

  3. Great song, Ron!

  4. Having just read the first trade of House of Mystery, I am confident that Sturges can write. And the book looks good. But somehow, these five pages only convince me more that this book is not for me.

  5. I’m like the idea of more JSA each month and Matt Sturges writing it, but thart makes me not want to buy this book.

  6. I’m not saying this is a bad idea or anything, but I just can’t go with this team.

    The characters I like the most in JSA will be on the main title.

  7. I really enjoyed Freddie Williams III on Robin, so I’m glad to see him working on JSA. Genuinely looking forward to checking this out. 

  8. I had no intention of getting this book until I saw the previews posted online and listened to the podcast this afternoon. Time to add it to my pull list.