DON’T MISS: Incognito #1

They hooked me with Sleeper, the story of a good guy trapped undercover with the bad guys, struggling to figure out the right thing to do. They did it again, coming up with Criminal, a collection of loosely connected tales about the lawless underworld. Now writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips are back with Incognito #1, hitting your comic store this week from Marvel’s Icon imprint.

Zack Overkill, who took the name Zack Andersen after entering a supervillain witness protection program, finds he is unhappy with the boredom of real life. Imagine Wanted, but after the fact, and written by Ed Brubaker instead of Mark Millar. Zack works in an office as a file clerk and like many of us, hates his job. Except Zack knows what the world is like without all those rules. His parole officer is retiring and getting replaced by a new guy, who is a jerk.

Basically, if you’ve read the work these guys have done before, you know what to expect. They’re joined again by colorist Val Staples, so it should feel just like going home again, but with a whole new cast of characters. Make sure you don’t miss it!





  1. Will be the first book I read on Friday, fo sho!

  2. Soooooooo excited for this.  Not that you could ruin Phillips’ pencils even if you tried, these colors are sensational.

  3. awesome

  4. Gosh this looks so good. I am excited. SQUEEEAL.

  5. This is honestly one of my most anticipated books of 09.

  6. I’m highly considering this title also.  It’s a rally lite week.

  7. Like Criminal, I think this will read better in trades.

  8. Raises a good point.  Does Incognito feature back-matter like Criminal?  One of the reasons I read Criminal in single issues is because the essays in the back alone are worth the cover price.  Either way I’ll continue to buy both series in single issues.  

  9. I believe I read from Brubaker on CBR that Incognito will feature extras as well.

  10. yay!  looking forward to this fo sho

  11. This is the main reason for heading to the comic shop this week.

  12. I am so phsyched abot this book.  Have been looking forward to it forever, and the great part is, unlike Kick ass it will come out before i die

  13. It looks like the majority of ifanbase isn’t going to miss a thing. This book has received a ton of pulls. Looking forward to it. 

  14. I love the color palette here. A big change from Criminal.

  15. ed is the man.   i cant wait to check this out.

  16. To quote Conor, "trade waitin."

  17. Not Capes and Cowels, but I love me some Brubaker (his writing, dirty dirty Fanboy).  Now that I am thinking about it, maybe Cap is so good now because it doesn’t feel like a super hero book.

  18. It’s certainly on my pull list. Can’t wait to finally jump onto a Brubaker book at #1.

  19. Who wouldn’t buy this?

  20. Gosh, I hate fun. unrelated: I’m totally not buying this fun.

  21. Why did you have to compare it to WANTED..that totally meks me not want to buy it 🙁

  22. The last run of Criminal was awesome.  Been looking fwd to this one.

  23. i read the 1st page there and decided i already might have my POW

  24. Okay, Criminal was great. I’m calling my shop in just a minute so they can put this in my box.

  25. OK, so I’m not usually one to get superexcited about crime fiction so Criminal flew above my radar. But, hand me some Brubaker supervillainy and I’m so there. Picked this up yesterday and it’s sitting third in my stack. So, I’ll get back when I actually read it. But, oh man. That cover needs to be a poster on my wall right now.

  26. OK I bought this. Haven’t read it yet. I’m bought it mostly because of the typeface.

  27. Shop was sold out. Frustration runs wild.

  28. oh man SO good. you have NO idea well you prolly do but still.

  29. Good pick on this one Josh. I picked this up with the intention of not being left behind on another Brubaker classic in the making. I’m glad I did. I love the premise, tone and spirit.

  30. Yep, if you like Brubaker and Phillips there is no reason why you won’t find this good.

    The first issue was very enjoyable.