DON’T MISS: I, Zombie #1 with Chris Roberson

I, ZombieJust when you thought there were no more original Zombie stories out there, Chris Roberson and Mike Allred present I, ZOMBIE. The new ongoing series from Vertigo mixes horror, mystery, romance and good old fashioned campy fun. Listen in as writer Chris Roberson sets up the adventures of Gwen Dylan, and 20-something gravedigger who also happens to be a zombie. Gwen has to eat a human brain once a month to keep her wits about her, but there's a catch. Find out about that and the entire cast of I, ZOMBIE, including a 60s Go-Go Ghost, a Wereterrier and a group of paintball playing vampires.

Chris also talks about how he and Mike Allred became co-creators on the series, and how it all began with DC's old title Gravedigger.

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Direct Download – 21 MB

I, Zombie #1 – $1.00 – Vertigo/DC Comics

Listen to iFanboy Don't Miss #24 with Chris Roberson

Zombie Zoo
Tom Petty


  1. Great job Chris, I’ve been dying to read this forever!

  2. Honestly, this has me more excited than any new title I’ve seen a at least a couple years. The first issue was pretty fantastic.

  3. I know I commented on this somewhere else on the site, but I just wanted to say it again – My LCS is giving this one away for free! I love my LCS.

    Luckily, I also pre-ordered the Darwyn Cooke cover from DCBS. 

  4. @Chris I heard Allred talk about it last September and I’ve been super excited about it ever since, MASSIVE fan of his art, and Roberson’s Cinderella story was great. Totally agreed too, I haven’t been this excited about a new book in a very very long time.

    @blulew23 This is one time where I might actually prefer NOT getting a Darwyn Cooke cover.

  5. Finally some Mike Allred art, it seems like its been forever!

  6. wow. that is a great looking cover. i’ll have to flip through this at the store

  7. @SpiderTitan If you haven’t, make sure to read his Metamorpho story in Wednesday Comics.  Really amzing stuff in that.

    @wally It’s $1!  Just buy it! Do it for me! 

  8. @gobo Was there a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning when you wrote your blasphemy against Mr. Cooke? That’s just crazy talk.

  9. @blulew23 It’s no knock against Cooke, he’s AMAZING. I just love Allred that much.

  10. @gobo "I see," said the blind man.

  11. Oh yeah, if any of you listen to 11 O’Clock comics, this is why I had to step away for a few minutes last week. This is your meta moment…

  12. @ gobo. I didn’t realize it was just $1! I’ve had great luck in the past with $1 comics (especially from DC brands) that its totally on my list this week. 

  13. Totally looking forward to this one. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

  14. One buck! This is a no-brainer!

    I’m buying two. One to read and one to roll up and smack wasp nests with!

  15. If nothing else, this will be my tease for the trade.

  16. Sounds fantastic.  I’ve already got it pre-order through DCBS (which set me back a whole 25 cents) but I think I’ll go ahead and throw down a dollar at the shop this week so I don’t have to wait til the end of the month.

  17. I really like the Halloween story and the preview. Definitely buying the first issue and I can’t see any good reason why I won’t be buying at least the first arc.

  18. chris seems like a cool dude. will definitely be supporting this. the cover pretty much gets me psyched to read it.

  19. Oh I forgot about this! If it’s only a dollar I’ll definitely pick this up. Great interview.