DON’T MISS: Hulk #22 with Jeph Loeb

Hulk 22The mystery of the Red Hulk's identity is coming to an end, beginning with Hulk #22.  We chat with writer Jeph Loeb about what the state of the Hulk universe is and how the pieces are coming together for quite a finale with this new story arc, World War Hulks.  Loeb explains how dating back to the first issue, the story has led up to this arc and gives us a tease of what to expect from the next few issues as well as some celebration of a history of Hulk artists who all pitched in on the upcoming books.

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  1. This ought to be interesting.  I wonder if Mr. Loeb has seen any of the Hulk related discussions on the site?

  2. i honestly can’t wait to hear this one

  3. Can’t see through the stacks of money that block his monitor.

    This will probably make me want to buy the book . . . that is the power of iFanboy.

    So I won’t listen.

  4. Does he say when Captain America: White is coming out? Issue #0 came out back in July of 2008.

  5. Does he know the general consensus with us and this series? lol

    Yes I also second the Captain America: White question. Too late now, but I wanna know if that is ever going to see the light of day.

  6. Don’t Miss shows are about the book we’re focusing on, not a larger discussion, like a Talksplode.

  7. "You guys on your website in particular have been incredibly supportive and that was why I was happy to do this." 
    Not the way I’d interpret the site’s* general take on Mr. Loeb and his work, but what the hell, it’s what he thinks. I’m not a fan of his but he did a real mench-y thing by doing the interview.  Thanks, Jeph.
    *Users, mostly, but the staff as well (although you’ve all liked Ultimate X just fine, so there’s that). 
  8. Some of the staff are supportive of the Red Hulk series.  

    The fans of Loeb are generally quiet here. Don’t mistake quiet for not existing. They just silently dwell in their shame.

  9. God, i can’t wait to hear Ron piss in Loeb’s ear. I hope he felt queasy after this interview

  10. Oh, jesus, Loeb thinks he’s writing actual intelligent stories, doesn’t he?

  11. I didn’t get that impression.

    Just continuity "rich" stories.

    Ron did an excellent job.

  12. I really like Loeb as a person, he seems like a good guy.

  13. I think his Hulk Comics are great fun.  I’ve got no problem with people who don’t like the books… it’s the people who feel the need to ‘look down’ on the books are the ones who I feel bad for.

  14. By the way great interview Ron… Mr. Loeb seems like a great guy.  I heard him on ESPN radio giving commentary on a Super Hero Final 4 at NCAA time and it was brilliant!!!!!

  15. I read the first arc of the series, then dropped it.  Can’t say I’ve missed it, but i’ve always been curious.  It was kind of hard to pass up Cho’s art though, but I managed to do so.

    @ScorpionMasada-My wallet and I are with you, regarding your first post.

  16. I’ll start collecting Hulk comics again when they get a team that I like.  I love the Hulk, but can’t stand Loeb/McGinnis.

  17. Do I DARE hit that play button?

    …. I’m such a f%@!ing glutton for pain.

    LOL! quote of the day
    Ron: For the uninitiated, for those who haven’t picked up the book yet, what do they need to know?

    You mean almost EVERYONE right Ron? XD

  18. say what you will about his body of work, I ALWAYS think Loeb is an entertaining interview! can’t wait to listen

  19. It’s anybody else getting the wrong episode from the direct download?

    It downloads episode #24 I, Zombie 🙁

  20. @MoniBolis – It turns out it was the wrong link. I just fixed it, and you should be able to d/l the right one now.  Sorry for the delay!

  21. Loeb is good at what he does, because he made we want to read Hulk again after this interview.   I dropped it last year after reading Hulk since 1984.  Must…resist.

  22. @Josh Thanks!

  23. I have been reading the Red Hulk in trade via the library and I think it’s fun. Nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. I can imagine it being irritating to read in single issues but all at once it’s ok.