DON’T MISS: G.I. Joe: Cobra II #1 with Christos Gage and Mike Costa

The Last Days of American Crime #1G.I. Joe: Cobra II is the follow up to the fantastic 2009 G.I. Joe: Cobra mini series, one of three titles IDW Publishing offered in their relaunch of the Joe franchise. Writers Christos Gage and Mike Costa teamed with artist Antonio Fuso to create a dark and intense espionage thriller that redefined the way we look at many of the lesser used Joe and Cobra characters. Now the entire creative team is back for more with this week's release of G.I. Joe: Cobra II.

Chris Neseman jumps into The Pit with writers Christos Gage and Mike Costa for a quick look at what fans of the G.I.Joe franchise have to look forward to in the continuing adventures of Chuckles.

– Gage and Costa talk about how their relationship as co-writers came about and how IDW and Hasbro have been open to just about every crazy idea they've come up with.

 – Both writers talk about the thrill of contributing to the Joe franchise and working with Chuck Dixon and the "Stan Lee" of G.I. Joe, Larry Hama.

So take a listen to hear that as well as all the reasons you don't want to miss G.I. Joe: Cobra II #1 in comic book stores this week!

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G.I. Joe: Cobra II #1

Writer: Christos Gage and Mike Costa
Art: Antonio Fuso
Cover: Howard Chaykin

$3.99 – IDW Publishing

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #10 with Christos Gage and Mike Costa

Total Running Time: 17:45

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  1. I can’t wait to pick this up.  I’m very excited.  Thank you, Messrs. Gage and Costa, for making G.I. Joe worth reading, again.

  2. Yes!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy. One of my favourite booms ever.

  3. It’s great to be here folks! I couldn’t have asked for a better book or better guests for my first Don’t Miss! I hope you enjoy it.

  4. 11 o’clock, A.C, and now this! Neseman’s a podcasting machine.

  5. Finally! Its been too long since the last issue of Cobra. Really looking forward to this book wednesday

  6. Hmmm, I really want to give this and the first one a try because of all the praise, but I’ve been burned by spy books almost 100% of the time…. must not be my thing.  This will have to be an impulse buy.

  7. just a side note:

    thought it was cool when i saw the ad for this in my recent IDW Transformers book and it had quoted IFanboy within.

  8. Nice to see Mr Neseman still has a place to hobnob with creators now that AC is nearing the end of its run. Welcome back to the iFanboy fold. 

  9. NESEMAN!!! NESEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Who let that hack host a show? Sheesh, apparently Ron, Conor and Josh have no interest in maintaining their brand equity.


    : ()  



    (That’s my boy Chris! Nice job buddy)


  11. Only wish that they would have asked about any hints about who the mysterious lead character is.

  12. It’s a new female character.