Do you like your New Comics for 08/18/10 over easy?

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What's your favorite breakfast?


  1. Light week for me, which means it’s time for monthly graphic novel buying for me!  I’ll still dig Brightest Day, New Mutants, and Sixth Gun though.

    BQ: Eggos!!

  2. It’s a pretty standard week for me comics wise. No big stand out books but I’m still pretty excited for them. I’m finding it strange and terribly interesting that I, an almost entirely new Marvel reader, am so thoroughly enjoying all the Agengers books I’m getting. Weirder still is the negativity I often see towards these books from Marvelites from way back…why is this? Is there something about them only a newby can appreciate? Anywhos…

    Breakfast: Hmmmm…Steak and Eggs? NO! Biscuits and Gravy! WAIT! Steak and eggs with a side of biscuits and gravy… and then I just lay on the floor for the rest of the day as to not upset my heart further…

  3. Nothing for me, except maybe some catch-up stuff.

    BQ: You are not officially alive until you’ve had a full English breakfast.

  4. A decently light week for me, but the gf will be happy True Blood #2 is out. 

    Some kind of omlette (Greek, perhaps?) with bacon and hash browns. Or leftozer pizza reheated (in the toasted oven) with scrambled eggs on top.

  5. Only Chew #13 for me this week. Godd thing I have a couple trades and the 2nd printing of grizzly shark/sea bear coming in.

  6. BQ: Sausage and Cheese omelette or a big stack of pancakes or wheat cakes

  7. Nice solid wee fo me with a double dose of Avengers, some GI Joe: Cobra, Hellblazer and Chew, and apparently more One Moment in Time bullshit in Amazing Spider-man.

    BQ: Coffee, onion bagel with cream cheese with some bacon.

  8. lighter week here too, can also catchup on my some trades, which is nice for once!

     BQ: like most others,eggs (if i make them, scambled, if i’m out, over easy) sausage or canadian backon, hasbrowns, brown toast, a milk and a coffee!

  9. BQ: Breakfast Burrito!!!

  10. BQ:  Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Tacos from our local taquerias here in Texas.

  11. Ex Machina wraps up.  Huh.  So that’s happening.

    BQ small bowl of oatmeal and 8 oz skim milk.  Anything heavier gets vomited all over the place around the first set of sprint intervals 1/2 an hour later. 

  12. BQ:  Strawberry crepes with a sweet cream cheese filling

  13. BQ: A really good bagel with lox and cream cheese is one of the most perfect meals on the planet.

  14. Most looking forward to Fables 97 and New Mutants 16.

    BQ: Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel. Mmmm…

  15. Amazing Spider-Man #640
    Chew #13
    Ex Machina #50
    Fables #97
    New Avengers #3
    Uncanny X-Men #527
    Wolverine: Weapon X #16

     Biscuits and gravy.

  16. Not a huge week and I’m most excited for Ex Machina, just hoping it lives up to the better issues of the book.  Sweets 2 should be good, and Thunderbolts and Uncanny X-men have been good lately.  Mostly just very glad that we’re getting to the end of OMIT and that I might get excellent Spidey books back for a couple more months.

    BQ: Pancakes with maple syrup, coffee made as it’s meant to be (ground and brewed in a cafetiere), OJ.  Obviously the pancakes aren’t an everyday thing…my arteries still just about function.

  17. Brightest Day, Chew, Fables (FINALLY, it’s back), Green Lantern Corps, Secret Avengers and Thunderbolts. Maybe even that Hack/Slash Omnibus.


    BQ: Hmmm…I’d have to say a eggs benedict over whole wheat english muffin and smoked salmon instead of canadian ham with a cup of carrot juice or coffee to wash it all down. Delicious and healthy too (if you don’t consider the hollandaise sauce but, who am I kidding, eggs benedict is ALL about the hollandaise sauce).

  18. Oh and Weapon X and Dark Rain also look good…

  19. Very light week. Is Hack/Slash any good? I may get that volume 1 omnibus.

  20. I live in an Irish section of my city and I can get blood pudding as a side when I order my breakfast.  I know it sounds gross but it tastes SO good.

  21. I’m picking up tiny titans ( my kiddo and I love it! ), New & Secret Avengers ( I hope Secret Avengers is good, or its getting dropped! ), Thunderbolts ( I love that book. So fun! ) and Amazing Spider-Man. As for my favorite breakfast : a nice plate of eggs over medium, crispy home fries, crispy bacon and sausage with french toast. Washed down with a cold glass of diet pepsi. I can feel the diabetic coma settling in…..uuuuuhhhhhh

  22. Seems like a weird week, no one book is really standing out to me as one I’m looking forward to above the rest. I guess I’m wondering if Star Wars Legacy will finish on a great note like Knights of the Old Republic did a few months ago.

    BQ: Grilled cheese sandwich!

  23. 26 books this week, but none of them really blowing my skirt up. If anything, I’m dreading Amazing Spider-Man. Curse you, lifelong love of Spidey!

    BQ: eggs benedict w/ orange juice.

  24. Challah french toast, thick cut uncured bacon, maple syrup, fresh squeezed OJ, fresh strawberries.

  25. I couldn’t do blood pudding, or white pudding. The fact is, I have a problem with a lot of breakfasts.

    Here’s my take on the Irish Breakfast.

  26. Most looking forward to Chew & DV8:G&M.

    Since Josh didn’t pick anything accept the BQ he’s either reviewing food this week or gearing up for Chew!

  27. There is a link to my pull list in the article itself. Like always.

  28. @Josh, loved the blog post, but I honestly don’t think the black pudding tastes much different than a really rich sausage (as long as you don’t think about what it is made of).  I think people would like it better if they just renamed it "super-sausage" or "yumyums" or anything more appetizing than Black/Blood pudding.  And let’s be honest, very few options would sound more gross than what they already have.

  29. Brightest Day AND DC Legacies are hoy on my list.


    BQ: MMMMMMM breakfast, on the go would be V8 hardboileggwhites oatmeal in coffee. 

    Sit down is, Bacon, eggs, wheat toast, fruit, graspefruitjuice and coffee. 

  30. How do you eat oatmeal on the go? You need a spoon for that.

  31. This is a weird week for me.  I have only 4 books despite having 8 originally projected for this week.  Seems FEAR Agent, Cowboy Ninja Viking, and Astro City all got pushed back, and I think the issue of Buzzard that came out last week got bumped from this week.  Either way, no biggie as I could use the financial relief for the week.  Looking forward to Brightest Day and New Avengers fo’ sho’!

    BQ: Country fried steak smothered in gravy with eggs, bacon and toast.  That’s a hearty, delicious breakfast right there.

  32. @Josh – Relax bro.  I know you’ll read some stuff (like this).  It’s not 2006. 😉  Do you want some of my English muffin?

  33. Age Of Heroes #4 (OF 4)
    Brightest Day #8
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Riley One Shot
    Cbgb #2 (OF 4)
    Marvel Universe Vs Punisher #2 (OF 4)
    New Avengers #3
    Secret Avengers #4

     BQ: that’s easy, always the Full English. 

  34. Ugh Avengers overload this week. There goes some of my drinking money.


    BQ: Coffee with whiskey and a cigarette, or beer

  35. Chew Week!  I only had 5 or 6 books last week, so i skipped them and will double up this week. Looking forward to this Ultimate Spider-Man everyone raves about.


    BQ: Cold Pizza