Do you find iFanboy “oddly compelling”? (UPDATE)

There’s a bit of a contest on at NewTeeVee. Apparently, they want people to vote for the best comic book podcast.

Now, I’m not saying, “go vote for iFanboy.” Obviously, that’s up to your own discerning and valued opinion.

UPDATE! Things have tightened up a bit. If we lose, no one gets their checks.*

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On the other hand, we wouldn’t hold it against you if you did vote for us.

*There are no checks.


  1. Just voted for you guys.

  2. Finally, something I can vote on, feel good about… And NOT have to register for beforehand!

    You guys got my vote, but… there are other Podcasts out there?

  3. I definitely voted for iFanboy. I also found the NewTeeVee descriptions of iFaboy to be absolutely hilarious — especially since I have been listening to you guys without fail for a year and a half now…

    Josh, you’re the cynic? (News to me…)
    Ron on sugar high – “enthusiastic ringleader?”
    Conor – “and Conor is the cool- (and bald) headed voice of reason.” – Look out, Josh, now he’ll be more stubborn then ever =P

    And I LIKE that living room! =)

  4. I also like the living room!

  5. I fucking sick of the living room. Back to the pool! Get topless again!

  6. It’s cold!

  7. Just voted for y’all…and apparently so is everyone else, ’cause with 80 votes, you guys are dominating the poll.

    I haven’t seen a contest this one-sided since The Kingpin embarrassed the Red Skull in a mostly-naked streetfight.

  8. Cold is no excuse!

  9. So, I just voted for you guys, and the little chart things shows but one thing: utter destruction! You’re not just slapping these other podcasts with your popularity, you’re takinga mallet to their faces.

    I’m glad I could be a part of it.

  10. Just voted for you, fellas! Least I could do for the hard work you guys put in for us.

    How is Josh a cynic? I don’t get that. Best to you, guys, keep up the excellent work!

  11. Voted…come on Pulp, we’ll show those ifanboys who rules the net…wait what site am I on?

  12. Voted!

  13. Josh is cynic because he doesn’t give superhero book s a free pass. In fact, none of the ifanboys do, probably why they’re so “oddly compelling”

  14. Eep! One of the other shows appears to be creeping up.

  15. I’m sorry, Gordon. I’ve organized a nationwide campaign to vote for the other guy because it’s obvious that Ron wouldn’t be able to handle the fame.

    It would just get ugly and hurtful. Face it, no one wants to see the inevitable shots of Ron getting out of his car in a short skirt and no underwear.

    It’s for the best.

  16. I’d never seen wam bam pow wow before. It’s annoying.

  17. I voted for you guys it was a………….close call?!?!?! Ok that was a lie, those other two shows were HORRIBLE!!!!! I like you guys and the diversity you bring to the wednesday madness we call comics.

  18. My vote has been sent, but I’m not saying for who lol

  19. I know a bunch of folks said they voted for us, and we thank you. But, I’m wondering do any of you like those other shows? What do you like about them?

    I’m just curious.

  20. Josh,

    Those other shows are fat and ugly compared to you. Any guy woud be thrilled to have you as their podcast…

  21. I haven’t watched the other shows, and quite frankly from the garish set-up they have on the screen-caps I doubt I will.

    I like iFanboy because it’s 3 dudes talking about comics, special topics and writers, and sometimes disagreeing.

    I wouldn’t touch those other podcasts with a stick. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  22. Thanks, but I’m totally not looking for compliments. I’m really curious if anyone who is here likes any of the other video shows out there, and what they like about them. We’re not really competing with them, cuz it’s not like we share a time slot. Obviously someone must watch them, and it’s interesting that they both really have an entirely different take on things than we do. I just wonder if there’s any crossover, or if they have their viewers, and we have ours.

    Call it very low level, anecdotal market research.

  23. Ok, so I just watched the other 2 shows. Obviosly, I can’t comment on 1 show as to their entire content, but my initial impressions were this. One wasn’t bad (despite my disclaimer that from the screen-caps I wouldn’t touch either with a stick), but one in particular was awful.

    Pulp Secret was okay, they had some interesting comments going on, but the hideuous super-imposed background was so distracting, and it seemed like they were playing they’re designated roles up for the camera. I may be wrong, in which case I apologise to the Pulp Secret team, but it seemed like a lot of hard work, and one that gave me a headache from the background. The content was good, but was given in a very in-jokey way, which alienates people who don’t know the comic they’re talking about.

    Bif! Bam! Pow! WOW! seemed like a really commendable endeavour… until about 2 minutes in. For a one-man-show it’s pretty…. No, I can’t do it! I’m trying to be nice because it must be hard work, but it’s awful. Just so cliched, and it LOOKS like it’s aimed at cliched comic fans. It actually talks down to geeks!

    I’ve tried my best to be objective, but please someone call me on it if I’ve been unfair. Anyway, that’s my take, so let’s have another?

    iFanboy is the best, as it’s just like having a chat with your mates about something you love.

  24. The horrid backdrops broke my eyesight… forgive my awful spelling!

  25. You gots ma vote y’all.

    “pete is soooooper geeky one” Heh heh

    Grammer is fun!

  26. I can’t believe they didn’t mention the intern.

    3 guys – wtf? Those guys are nothing without me. NOTHING!

  27. You so deserve this (on your own, and by comparison a whole lot more). The lack of set design gives the podcast a “you’re not trying to hard” feel. Although I’ve noticed the little statues on the table.

    This thread seems like the place to post a question that comes to me everytime I watch your show.

    What’s the book with the big “Campbell” that stand out on the book shelf?

    Congratulations again!

  28. You got my vote! Also, you guys appear to be creaming the competition.

  29. On the other two shows, well…

    1. One of the greatest thing about your podcast (video and audio)is that you’re is talking to the comic book reader community that doesn’t think of comics as POW’s! SOCK’s (and now GRRRGGGPAK’s!), the annoying misconception general public tends to make thanks to 60’s batman, that has perpetuated through time and hurt the medium for so long. The Bif,bam,pow,wow show it’s the opposite. This show as visually appealing and dramatically rehearsed as it seems to be, looks like a show targeted for kids (which isn’t a bad thing, plant the seed early). Ifanboy video podcast I can show to any friend my age who doesn’t read comics and don’t feel embarrassed a bit.

    2.Ifanboy’s Podcast format is greatly conceived and executed. It’s deep, informative and “classy”. You pick a topic and dedicate the 20, 30 minutes just to it. Give us info, history and compelling imagery, never abusing technological possibilities. The other two show just seem all over the place for me, they trying to squeeze in 8 minutes all kind of Sketches, skits, gimmicks, sirens, flashes. it’s too much in very little time. This drove me away immediately and I don’t think I could refer this two other shows to any friend.

    Congratulations again, hope you win.

  30. Grammer is fun!

    Do I need to say anything about this? 😉

  31. I like The Stack, it’s like a shorter version of the iFanboy audio podcast. They shouldn’t be in third place, they’re funny and always enjoyable.

    Plus, the poll is missing some other great video podcasts like Variant Edition and a Comic Book Orange.

    But iFanboy is still the best.

  32. “I can’t believe they didn’t mention the intern.3 guys – wtf? Those guys are nothing without me. NOTHING!”

    Gordon, you just keep writing all those secret notes about all the ugly backstage stuff that goes on behind the scenes (the back stabbing, the naked pool parties, the crack cocaine, all that stuff), and then when iFanboy really hits the big time (as in makes some real money), you can write a “tell all” scandalous memoir pulling the curtain off the pretty face of iFanboy…

    Wait a minute…you ARE the pretty face of iFanboy… oh, erm, ah…never mind.

    I think the reviews here and on the NewTeeVee contest page pretty much sum it up. Eyun, your review is pretty fair and spot on. Others too.

    Two Lessons for the Competition:

    1) Bells and Whistles will never be a good enough substitute for solid Content.

    2) If you are basically not funny, and your jokes are not funny, acting in an exaggerated manner or being loud will not make you more funny. It just draws attention to how unfunny you are.

    I actually thought the second guy that popped up in Biff Pow Poop Whatever, the one who wrote the letter to the director of the new Hulk movie, was fairly good.

    I’m going to go cash my check now…

  33. I just voted for you guys. And it looks like so far you are in the lead. Which really doesn’t surprise me at all. You are by far the best out there.

    Something that is interesting for me is that I started listening to the audio show with like episode 3 or something back in 2005. I immediately took to it and have listened faithfully every week since then. I knew there were other podcasts out there but I have never felt the need to look elsewhere. And the same with the video show. But in contests like this one I usually go and check out the other choices. I have never been more right that I don’t need to look elsewhere.

    iFanboy has got the formula right. No doubts.

  34. I hadn’t heard of Biff!Bam!Pow!WOW! before this was posted, but I have listened to Pulp Secret a few times. It’s not bad at all, but I don’t subscribe to it. Brandon had a good point, The Stack did feel like the express version of the pick of the week podcast. The format is good for entertainment on your break though, it’s quick. Odd coincidence, probably the same week the bell started coming into play with the speedy reviews on the audio show, they had a lighting round on The Stack.

    Much like the shows here, it’s notable that the show sounds & looks professional. I will still check it out from time to time, but I prefer a format like the video show here, which is a full length comic book television show if you ask me.