Declan Shalvey Draws the ‘Thunderbolts’ into ‘Shadowland’!

We're big ol' fans of the comic sketch salon known as Comic Twart around these parts, so we were thrilled to learn that regular Twartist Declan Shalvey will be lending a hand on Jeff Parker's Thunderbolts during the upcoming Shadowland story line. Regular series artist Kev Walker will cool off for a bit while Shalvey handles issues #148 and #149. Perhaps best known for his work on Boom! Studios' 28 Days Later series, the Irish artist makes his Marvel Comics debut in Thunderbolts.

I asked Declan about the news earlier and here's what he had to say:

"I'm absolutely delighted to be filling in on Thunderbolts during the Shadowland crossover. Jeff has written a brilliant script; I'm really excited but also a little nervous. I'm getting to draw a lot of great characters in my first Marvel comic… it's pretty intimidating. Still; I get to draw The Hand. How cool is that?"

Very. Because if there's one thing cooler than a ninja, it's whole hordes of em! He was also nice enough to pass along this terrific Daredevil sketch. Pretty appropriate, given that the Thunderbolts will probably be grappling with the Man Without Fear at the depths of Shadowland.

If you haven't picked up the first two issues of Jeff Parker's Thunderbolts (currently under the Heroic Age banner), you're really gonna want to fix that. One great writer, a tremendous artist in Kev Walker, and now Shalvey as another crazy talented artist in the wings. It's the most fun you can have with a bunch of prisoners out on bad behavior. Ya know, legally. Anyways, here's hoping this leads to more high profile Marvel projects for Mr. Shalvey.

And I'd keep an eye on those Twarts. They's all gonna be supastars, I tells ya.


  1. Great news.

     The wallpaper on my phone is a Shalvey sketch of The Rocketeer. I loves it.

  2. I havent been reading Daredevil, so I was thinking of skipping Shadowland.  But this has me second guessing that decision.  I really liked the last two issues of Thunderbolts and am sure it will benefit from Shalvey’s art.  And I agree, that Man-Thing is gonna be badass!

  3. That’s exceptional art.  I’ll have to look into this guy.

  4. That piece of art makes me really happy.  Look at the weight in the legs, and the textures in the clothing, and the dimension the rope adds to the composition, and I LOVE the way the gloves leave a little skin showing underneath. That’s how an artist impresses me.

  5. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Great news.  I’ve been really enjoying his work on 28 Days Later.

  6. SOLD

  7. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Totally agree on the artwork – this shows such simplicity – yet it has so much motion.
    There’s a composition balance and a fluidity that makes that thin line of the billy clubs work so well . . .

  8. So first I was worried about Kev Walker not being on the bbok for a while—then I saw that artwork and, well, AWE-sooooome!

  9. Great news. Great to see someone from Limerick going onto such great things. Well done Declan.