December 2009 Giveaways For iFanboy Members!

December is Members Giveaway Month here at iFanboy and we've got three big prize packs to tell you about!

First up, the Criminal Prize Pack!

Criminal Giveaway


This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #213 on December 6, 2009.

Next, the Funimation Prize Pack!

FUNimation Giveaway


This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #214 on December 13, 2009.


Finally, the Image Prize Pack!

Image Giveaway



This prize pack will be given away on the Pick of the Week Podcast #215 on December 20, 2009.

Thanks to Image Comics for sponsoring this giveaway

Want to win any of these prize packs? All you have to do to be eligible to win is to become an iFanboy Member! Winners will be chosen on the Thursday before each giveaway!


  1. That Image prize pack is SWEET ASS!*fingers crossed*

  2. I’m sorry. It’s…what?

  3. I would be stoked to get any of those prize packs! Awesome job guys!

  4. Whoa, what a bunch of cool giveaways.  Hope my name comes up for one of those! 

  5. Mike is way ahead of the game. Sweet Ass is the new t… never mind; sweet ass prizes.

  6. Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Ass, coming from Vertigo 2010

  7. Would love to win the Criminal prize pack, just finished the first half of sleeper, and it was great. 

  8. Very sweet ass.  I want me some sweet ass Criminal trades

  9. Yes. I want to go to there.

  10. Criminal looks awesome! I love giveaways!!

  11. Is it sad that even though I own all of Criminal in single issues I’m still a bit whistful for that first one?

    BTW, I did recieve my membership gift package this Saturday after Thanksgiving. I laughed a little when I opened it to discover Greek Street #4 as I had dropped the series with issue #3. Totally random, but what are the odds?


  12. Great prizes… definitely hoping to get some holiday cheer from the ifanboy gang.

  13. I’ve still never read Criminal.  Here’s hoping I can snag it for free.

  14. Is it possible for me to win all of these?  I’ve never read any of these books.

  15. super excited…i have another chance to win a Funimation Pack. Also making me think I should read Criminal.

  16. Sweet ass prizes!!! All of them look good. Comics and anime, as Conor would say, cool prizes any "otoe-ku" would want.

  17. Definitely want that Criminal set.  Brubaker’s grown on me a lot lately.

  18. I love the Criminal trade packaging. All of these are very cool. Here’s hoping. 

  19. that criminal pack is sweet!  is it possible to win a giveaway if you’ve already won something in the past?

  20. i havent read criminal but iv read brubaker’s other work, diffrentaly wouldn’t mind the rest , i would like to add some non marvel dc stuff to my collection( stumptown is my only non dc/marvel book i own)

  21. I’ll forgive you the obvious gaffe of my not winning the CRIMINAL prize pack because the actually winner’s name was pretty cool.  Just don’t let it happen for prize packs 2 and 3. 🙂

  22. Me wants the Funimation prize since I didn’t win the Criminal one 🙁

  23. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit in me, but I can’t help but think that Image set would be the best X-mas present a guy could receive…