DC’s 75th Anniversary Variant Covers

Beginning this week, DC Comics will be releasing special variant covers of their regular books to celebrate 75 years of DC Comics. These covers will be tributes of some of DC's most famous covers done by some of the biggest names working in comics today.


Mike Mignola draws Detective Comics #168 (originally drawn by Lew Sayre Schwartz):


Eduardo Risso draws Superman #233 (originally drawn by Neal Adams):


Lee Bermejo draws Legion of Super-Heroes #294:


Walt Simonson draws Detective Comics #69 (originally drawn by Jerry Robinson):


George Perez draws All Star Comics #16:


Frank Quitely draws Green Lantern #52 (originally drawn by Gil Kane):


John Cassaday draws Superman #1 (which will also be the cover to Superman #701):


I love these covers for the same reason I love cover songs. I find it endlessly fascinating when different artists interpret the same subject matter. WIll it be a literal translationg (like Perez's All Star Comics cover) or will the artist add their own visual flair and style into the piece while still retaining the original vision (like Simonson's Detective Comics). Variations on a theme is one of the best things about art.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mignola’s take to the Red Hood is easily my favorite, but Quitely subtle update to GL #52 is really pretty clever too. 

    To be honest though, this is not Cassaday’s best work.  

  2. @Paul: I actually agree with you on Cassaday. I haven’t really loved any of the Superman covers they’ve shown so far.

  3. Yup, Quitely’s cover is awesome.

  4. @PaulMongomery I absolutely agree about the Superman cover and I love John Cassaday. He did a way better version of Supes a few years back and I’m sad to see that something’s changed in the inbetween.

    Here’s the art I’m talking about: http://www.aintitcool.com/images2008/Shuster1.jpg

    That’s classic Cassaday. 

  5. LoSH #294 hands down the best one up there. Too bad I already failed in my attempt to get into LoSH.

  6. @Mangaman: I do love how Bermejo lowered the angle to increase the dramatic tension.

  7. Man Simonson brought it on that one

  8. I would say its a tie for best with Lee Bermejo & Frank Quitely b/c they are both so awesome in there own right. Bermejo’s cover really brings out such an atmosphere with the feeling of dread & the horror of Darkseid’s rise to power being used very effectively. While Quitely’s cover of Hal vs. Sinestro just really brings out the Epicness of what’s in store for the inside the comic & really just sums up the entire history of Sinestro & Hal’s relationship with each other very well. I think Alex Ross did this for Justice as well.

  9. I’m thinking Lee Bermejo’s is definitely the best.  After that Mignola, Quitely, and Perez.

  10. Um, not to nitpick, but isn’t that Superman #233 which states it’s the "Number 1 Best-Selling Comics Magazine!" rather than Superman #1?  Do I get a no prize? lol

  11. Theses covers are sweet ass sweet. I hope they got more coming are way. I sure would like to see them redo Flash #323. It’s been done a couple of times but its just such an iconic cover.

  12. Those are really classic covers for a reason. They still hold up nicely against their updated versions.

    And I am with Conor on this, I just LOVE to see different interpretations from different artists.

  13. Lee Bermejo’s Legion cover evokes Alex Ross without copying. Excellent work. All of these are really good, especially Mignola and Bermejo. Quietly’s looked good until I looked at the large version – I just don’t dig his faces at all. The coloring, pose, and energy is good though.

  14. Love, love, love, LOVE that Mignola cover. I’d never recommend buying the same comic twice just for covers…..but I might have to change that rule just this once. Such a beautiful cover.

    I really thought that was Quitely doing the Superman #233 homage. It looks so like him, but I do see the Risso touch in it now.

  15. Anyone know a place that sells these variant covers, or do I have to wait until it comes out and then try to grab it on eBay?  I really want that Quitely Green Lantern one…

  16. Mignola nailed it (as usual).  Beautiful.  Where’s Darwyn Cooke?  This is right up his alley.

  17. These are all brilliant. Bermejo’s is probably my favorite, which is unusual because I’m not a huge fan of his. His angles are pitch perfect for Darkseid’s rock face. I’m always a sucker for Risso. The simplicity of his cover is what sells it for me. Seeing Quitely interpret GL is really fun. It’d be great to see him pencil an arc. I agree Cassaday’s is uncharacteristically underwhelming. They’re all more or less fantastic though.

  18. @Conor: Seriously! Little touches like those really set a sick atmosphere. Looking at superman bowing down like that makes me both sick and creeped out.

  19. @Risible -I think that they are incentives for LCS’ to order large quantities.Talk to your LCS dealer and see if he can do you a solid and not charge you an arm and a leg.My experience is that they are 1st come first serve and DON’T expect to pay cover price

    Legion cover is just jaw dropping.Nice to see Walt Simonson work!!

  20. Awesome stuff. I dig Risso’s Superman cover as well as Quietly’s Green Lantern. 

  21. And once again I wish they would just put these out as prints.

  22. Wow, I really don’t like the new ones, aside from the Red Hood cover.  I’m sorry, but I really dislike that Superman one…

  23. I’m loving the Legion cover!

    @ Paul and Conor, yeah, I’m not all that impressed with the Cassaday cover. It looks so run of the mill. He’s done so many impressive covers that this just looks like something he slapped together at the last minute. And I really hate saying that cause I love his art!

  24. Maybe I completely lack an appreciation for the nuances in the older comic book art, but the classic covers all seem half-ass compared to their homages.

  25. not counting the Green Lantern one. 

  26. I need a new Mignola Batman tale.

  27. Mignola & Quitely’s are Out. Of. Hand!

  28. @SpiderTitan: I couldn’t have said it any better my self. I’m loving those Quitely and Bermejo covers.

    @stuclach: Good point! I’d love to see some All-Star Western Variants.

  29. Really love alot of these. Especially the Mignola, Perez and Quitely covers. Also are we getting an All-Star comics book? Did I miss that somewhere?

  30. Hell YES!!!!  I can’t wait to get Quitely’s Green Lantern

  31. The Mignola piece has been my iPod background for a week or so now. I love it!

     Am I the only one that finds it funny that the Superman cover says "The complete story"? 

  32. The Mignola cover is my favorite. Its hard to really see how successful these updates will be as covers until we see them with type and logos on them.