DC Sends New FLASHPOINT Character Designs Down the Catwalk

As part of their Flashpoint Friday reveals this week, DC is showing off some character re-designs. In the Elseworlds reality that is Flashpoint up is down, left is right, and pigeons are walruses. Thus, our favorite heroes are due for some….MAKEOVERS! 

First up, Jim Lee's design for "Element Woman." 

Metamorpho? Try Metamorp-HOT, amirite?


Next, Andy Kubert's "Blackout."

Looks like a hoodlum to me! I like that he's rendered sort of like a police sketch artist's drawing. 




Then there's this BattleCat lookin' thing. DC doesn't offer any details, but the file name is "sabretooth." 




Check back throughout the day for more Flashpoint gender bending and mashup mayhem!


  1. Kelly Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    that has some crazy cosplay potential.

  2. Lol, the second one isn’t really can’t really be considered superpowered, just some douche in a t shirt, balaclava and gloves.

  3. Blackout is just an I.R.A guy bored since the ceasefire

  4. I like that Element Woman design.

  5. Element Woman looks like a Metamorpho and Starfire mash-up

  6. Oooh, the lightning bolts on the cat’s armor make me thing it’s some kind of Talky Tawny revamp for the Agents of S!H!A!Z!A!M! or whatever.

  7. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo  I like this theory. The blog post for it also says “Who or what is this?” 

  8. Clearly this is where DC adds Earth-Grayskull to it’s continuity.

  9. Blackout = Black Mask?

  10. The real trick is getting Cringer to not run and hide before you transform him.

  11. @ato220  LMAO! You beat me to the Masters of the Universe reference, but I must admit, Earth-Grayskull is far funnier than anything I would have come up with off the top of my head. Well played!

  12. Being relatively new to comics I’ve never been excited about an event before. But I sorta am for this. Is it best to expect to be disappointed?

  13. @GloriousGodfrey- in my experiance, yeah. My guess is it’ll probably be pretty enjoyable but not amazingly good or living up to its hype

  14. @GloriousGodfrey  If you expect to be disappointed you will be. Why not expect to be entertained?

  15. That last one has to be Tawky Tawny. 

  16. Every event has it’s ups and downs, they usually start strong and end a bit weaker, nature of the rising action of a story. Just hang on the fun stuff, don’t over analyze and you wont have regrets.

    I find it’s a personality type that effects the pleasure wrought from a book equally as much as the calibre of the story. If you walk in expecting disappointment, you tend to try harder to find it. 

  17. I suppose the whole point of the hype is to make you feel like this is going to be the greatest thing ever – “nothing will be the same again” – somehow a defining moment in your comic-fan life. If you swallow too much of that I guess it’ll be an anti-climax.

    I never buy comics expecting disappointment, but i sometimes go the other way and expect something awesome, just to discover it’s okay.

    Although i’d heard Final Crisis was the worst thing ever written and it made no sense, so when i picked up a cheap trade i expected it to be rubbish. I guess that’s the other side of the ‘expecting disappointment’ coin – resigning yourself to it not being very good. Then i was pleasantly surprised, more so I loved it.

  18. Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed that DC would bring back Element Girl (or Woman now, it seems). She had a pretty memorial death in SANDMAN.

  19. What’s that symbol on blackout’s chest? is that like the thing on the cardiac monitor. maybe someone with electrical based powers? is it crass to think it might be black lightning?