DC Releases Cryptic New Brightest Day Image

Today DC released this allegorically delicious new promo image for Brightest Day from artist Ivan Reis:

The tagline: "Sometimes the Light Reveals the Darkest Secrets."

Remeniscent of all those Final Crisis teasers from back in the day, this image looks to have oodles of hidden Easter eggs.

Scattered weapons, pointing to things? Fallen comrades? Blue sneakers? Anti-Monitor cloud formations?

What does it all mean?!

Let the treasure hunt begin!


  1. Ok so I looked through this thing and 2 things I dont know.  Who’s shield is that on the floor and Where the Heck is Max Lord. 

  2. "Skies will be clear this morning, with a chance of Anti-Monitor in the afternoon."

  3. Evidently, a new enemy is arising in Green Lantern Corps this fall called the Weaponer, who’s crafted a shield out of the risidual White Lantern energies. He’s gonna fight Kyle and ’em.

  4. im right in thinking those are black mantas eyes under the rock that the white lantren battery is on

  5. I’ve never been particularly fond of these teaser images, but I think I’m starting to understand the appeal.  I wonder who’s in the green coffin?  

  6. OH! I just noticed Black Manta’s eyes glowing behind Black Aqualad. Neato.

    Still very curious about the Ganthet/Gardner/Atrocitous axis they’ve got simmering in the GL books. Lends mystery to that Lobo issue of GL, for sure.

  7. After seeing Black Manta spying on the new Aqualad, I have a theory. Black Manta is Aqualad’s dad. We know from Geoff Johns that the new Aqualad’s parents keep him away from water and even made him afraid of it. Could it be because they don’t want him near Aquaman or the Atlanteans? Kinda of a stretch, but it is possible

  8. I like how Atrocious looks like he’s spewing Kool-Aid out of his ring.

  9. cant belive i looked at the bommerangs so long before noticeing what they were

  10. @The Next Champion: No wonder it’s going right through Ganthet and Guy’s net-thing. Sheesh, I understand Ganthet not understanding how to store Kool-Aid properly, but Guy should know better.

  11. @TNC: OH YEAH!!!

  12. Manunter is putting out fire? wow

  13. @AmirCat  Yeah, I noticed that too. That’s gotta mean something big

  14. This leads me to believe that Hal isn’t ‘dead’ in this image. Only that Atrocious got some Kool-Aid on him.

  15. @AmirCat – maybe J’onn is starting the fire?

  16. @finbarbat – That was my first thought, too.

  17. No, J’onn didn’t start the fire. He didn’t light it, but he tried to fight it.

  18. @finbarbat & CaseyJustice: Definitely looks that way to me. Poking fire with a stick isn’t a very effective way to put it out.

    Jason and Ronnie burying BL Firestorm is curious. And is Deadman wearing his mask or is he dead again?

  19. Are Hal’s wrists slit? That’s pretty heavy shit.

  20. Ollie sure shot a lot of arrows into that tree for no apparent reason…

  21. Jonn is FEEDING the fire. Guess, if they’re back from the dead they’re without their weaknesses. Ronny and Jason have flame coming from thier feet also and there’s some white energy under the shield. Hal’s wrist isn’t slit. The bloods coming from the arm.

    I think there will be one more teaser coming. Don’t these big even one come in pairs? No Black Hand, etc…must be another one coming. 

    BTW, anyone ever figure out what woman’s hand is sticking out of the wood box in the Battle  for the Cowl teaser? KEEP EM COMING!

  22. Looks like some hawk-demons escaping from that portal.

  23. I posted my theory that Black Manta is Aqulad’s son on the DC Source page, and it got deleted. Could that mean I am right?

  24. the shield is from the weaponer of qward. a new charcter that will be introduced.


  25. Wonderin’ why dead Aquaman is wearing his ol’ black ring clothing.
    Orange top with black pants?
    The dude just never has good fashion sense, does he?

  26. Ah, a Brightest Day Where’s Waldo, except instead of Waldo, you’re supposed to find quality.  Wow, this is a really, really hard one!  Someone let me know where to find it, okay?

  27. @micahmyers or is Aqualad Black Manta’s son?  No more time travel-splanations wanted.

  28. Aqualad is Black Manta’s son! It’s the secret that Mera mentioned in BNWW #2. according to someone in the company, anyway.

  29. I feel its worth noting that aquaman just can’t catch a break…