DC Gives Us a Massive, Mysterious Brightest Day Piece

I'm not one for the interpretation of symbols and puzzles in these pieces DC has been doing, so I'll leave that up to you, dear readers.  But it's a bit like a jury, no?  Help us decipher the details!

For the super big version, go to DC's The Source. The piece is by Ryan Sook with assists from Fernando Pasarin and Joel Gomez.  It's made up of what will be 12 interlocking Brighest Day variant covers from the various titles and tie-ins. The thing is, they know how to sit on a throne, especially Aquaman.


  1. Very cool. The only thing that jumps out to me is that the Anti-Monitor’s hand from the creation of the Universe is there between The Entity and Nekron. Me thinks Krona is involved.

  2. how many more brightest day pieces like this do you think were gunna see?

  3. I’m not sure there’s anything to decipher. Frankly, it just looks like a big poster featuring the big players of Brightest Day, not something that actually means anything.

  4. I want satues of most of these. especially Martian Manhunter and Deadman

  5. @PraxJarvin: You keep saying that but you’ve been proven wrong every time. 🙂

  6. If I wasn’t so ignorant about the Sistine Chapel, I would probably be able to draw parallel conclusions from it. Alas, my neck hurts, so I’ll just say this is cool, and enjoy Brightest Day .

  7. If we look at from a biblical aspect you see Death and the Antimoniter hand (in the beginning there was only darkness and the world was formless and void , reaching into the beginning of life which leads into the formation of the planets (birds of the air fish of the sea) and then leads to the Fear Entity in the garden (very snake like) Im not too sure about the Rage, Hope Love enitity but it intrigues me that it ends with the death (Scar) character.

    Also from another biblical aspect there are 12 disciples in the Bible and in this picture there are 12 characters or "disciples" of life sitting around a table which reminds me of the famous Jesus at the last supper painting. (I may be reading more into this though)  Thought all the character are important I believe the most important characters will be Deadman and Aquaman since they are sitting at the head and foot of the table.

  8. Adam and Eve did not fear the serpent in Genesis.

    I got a tarot card feel when it first started loading the larger version.

    Have any of these promotional pieces really been that intricate in terms of meaning?

    Are they really complicated puzzles to be deciphered or do they just provide story hints?

  9. @styner: The avarice entity is the serpent, not fear. Parallax is chillin up top with Ion. Also, the hooded Guardian isn’t Scar, it’s someone else who was a guardian "eons ago". Good call on the timeline resembling the Bible though.

    Serious props to Sook and Pasarin for this piece. Everyone is in the same position but they manage to keep it interesting and dynamic. Those are some badass throne poses. I really dig J’onn and Hawk.

    It’s interesting that Jade is the only one with a White Lantern symbol over her head. Also, it looks like Barry might be shaking his head "No" super fast. The apparent connection between Aquaman and the Black Lantern has me seriously curious.

  10. @WheelHands That’s not Barry, that’s Professor Zoom. I agree that it’s interesting that Jade has the symbol over her head. Reminds me of a halo.

     I like how Hawkman and Hawkgirl aren’t looking at each other. So much for them finding love finally?

  11. The other interesting thing about Jade is that she’s on the villain side.  The fact that Boomerang, Lord, Zoom and Osirus are all on one side is probably significant, but putting Jade with them could hint at a direction for her character over the course of the arc.  I’d have expected to see Hawk over there and Jade with the other heroes, based on behavior.

  12. @intergy: I’m not retarded I swear. Just a brain fart. I should probably hold off on correcting others until I review my own posts.

    @Quinn: Good point on Jade being on th villains side. If you ask me, she’d make a more interesting villain. She’s probably the only one of the 12 I never missed.

  13. Cool picture.  I’m really curious how they will pull all this together with these characters and plots spread out between so many different books.  Seems like a potential glorious failure.  Hopefully not.

  14. @styner: nice try. I was personally making comparisons between this teaser and the 12 disciples of Christ. That’s why Im not 100% sure that any of these guys will be the white guardian at all.

  15. May have just had another thought (scary, I know): Where’s the Anti-Monitor?

  16. I dono’t think anyone’s mentioned it yet, but over at the The Beat they’ve correctly noted this is a Michelangelo pastiche from the Sistine Chapel. One of the commenters actually has some nice observations:

    "The above image seems to replicate the Sistine Chapel ceiling, although it removes the webs and pendentives.

    Deadman is Zechariah, a prophet known for his messianiac prophecies. This parallels the story in Brightest Day, as Deadman must find the successor to the White Lantern Entity. Aquaman is, of course, Jonah. The poses of the sibyls and prophets is not replicated, although the number is correct.

    The Ceiling’s Central Story space is chronological, reading right to left. Since the DC image is not divided like the Ceiling, the only parallel is the first image, Separation of Light from Darkness, which here is shown as The Hand of Krona. (This created the original multiverse, as well the anti-matter universe. Krona had dealings with Nekron, but not since The Crisis.)

    Oh, and the White Lantern (God?) has tasked each figure with a mission, which can be considered prophecy."


  17. @daccampo – Thanks for that.  Adds a nice touch of depth.

  18. When did they redesign Zoom’s costume to look like Wally’s instead of a inverted barry’s

  19. Who’s the character between Zoom & Max Lord?

  20. @MisterShaw: Osiris.

  21. this may sound crazy but under hawkman and hawkgirls thrones there are skull. that could maybe meen that they will die.thats my little conspiracy.

  22. @chadowmari Don’t think so, those are the skulls and bones of their former bodies used to make a gateway to Hawkworld

  23. Observations: 

    1] Above Deadman’s head, the white lantern appears to be breaking through a green chain – is this a Green Lantern construct?


    2] On the base of the plinths of nine thrones is the White Lantern symbol, but the three thrones to the left of the picture (Max Lord, Aquaman & Hawk) do not have these symbols.


    I have absolutely no insight as to whether these things are important or carry any kind of symbolism! 

  24. props to daccampo! I was thinking along biblical lines also,as they appear to be sitting on marble thrones like deities.

    Thanks DC!With these teases, I might just be on board for all 26 issues(as opposed to trade waiting)

  25. That costume in normal colors would be awesome

  26. Flash costume I mean