DC Comics Partners With Heroes Initiative For Special Justice League of America #50 Covers

Today, DC Comics and The Heroes Initiative have announced that they are collaborating up for the first time on a series of 100 original and unique Justice League of America #50 covers.

How it works is that DC printed up 100 special issue of Justice League of America #50 with blank covers. These issues were sent around to 100 different artists to provide their own unique illustrations. These covers will be displayed at a gallery for public viewing (probably in Los Angeles) and then individually auctioned off to support The Heroes Initiative, a charity which supports comic book creators in need. There will also be a book collecting all the covers available for purchase that also supports The Heroes Initiative.

Back in 2007, Marvel Comics partnered with The Heroes Initiative in the same fashion with Ultimate Spider-Man #100. The results were spectacular. (Really, they were. Click on the link to check out the art.)

DC Comics gave us an early look at three of the covers on their blog:

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Alex Ross

Tony Parker

This is a wonderful way to support a great charity. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the art that comes out of this project.


  1. Great idea for a project! great cause too.

  2. Great idea.  However it is the wrong series to do this with I dropped both JLA & JSA after the sucky crossover. 


  3. @mguy77  It’s not really about the series itself. It’s not like you can buy these covers at your store.

  4. With Garcia-Lopez and Ross in this mix, I’m surprised I enjoy the Tony Parker one the most. (Not that any of these three are bad)

  5.    With all the recent DC promo adds in the books and now this, I actually like Wonder Woman’s new costume. (especially without the jacket.)

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Fantastic idea. Great cause and some beautiful images here. 

  7. I’m going to parrot everyone else and simply say that this is an excellent idea.

  8. Wow that Alex Ross cover looks amazing. Awesome idea.

  9. Wait, I’m confused. Where are Donna Troy, Jade, Dick Grayson, Jesse Quick, Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla?

  10. I wanna live inside that Tony Parker cover!!!!!!!!

  11. every time i see alex ross work his magic it reminds me of how great kingdom come was.great cause to

  12. Wow. Diana actually looks like a woman in that Alex Ross image. What’s that about?

    This is a cool idea for an important and neccessary cause. Good stuff.

  13. Wow.  Wonder Woman in Ross’ cover.  Seriously considering that.