DC Comics’ New 52 Video Breaks Down the Reboot

If DC's impending revamp still feels a little intimidating, take heart. Bleeding Cool posted this video, which sees Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Bob Harras and Eddie Berganza breaking it all down for casual enthusiasts. Well, as much as can be done in under four minutes. Of note: Jim Lee's comments on the digital aspect as it pertains to fans and readers. 


Curious to see Geoff Johns absent from this video. It's possible he was holding the camera. 


  1. 🙂

  2. Have we see much of Johns since the Green Lantern reviews hit? I’m genuinely curious, because I haven’t seen much of him since. 

  3. I still don’t know how i feel about this whole thing. While I think this can inject new life into some neglected characters, I really don’t like some of the new costume changes and team rosters.

  4. I’m in, so who wants another glass of Kool-Aid?  Anyone?

  5. Question for this group: Is this a great opportunity?

  6. I’m in, I’m ordering an ipad 2 tonight and the deciding factor was this relaunch. If they get the content of the books right in terms of story, I fail to see how this can go wrong. I don’t like Superman’s boots either but it’s hardly a deal breaker. 

  7. @Jurassicalien  very good point- where is Mr. Johns?  Is his reign coming to an end?  I hope so- as much as I’ve loved most of his runs….it would be great to diversify 

  8. i’m pretty excited about the reboot and about the digital side of things. I hope they use this as an opportunity to push new types of stories and try to do some innovative storytelling. Doing things the same way as before with a new coat of paint on the outside isn’t going to do much in the long run. 

    I really do think history will look back fondly on this digital launch. Like it or not, this is where the future of media is going.  

  9. @Jurassicalien  DC hired hacks and got a hacky movie. Shock.

  10. Ive been catching up with the DC news the last couple of weeks and am a little confused about the reboot. first of all i thought it was a total reboot of the stories and continuity, then i thought i heard that this had been clarified and the numbers were being reset and that alot of the continuity will remain, but in this video they talk about the characters being younger and new origins suggesting a tital reboot more akin to my original understanding. Do we know which it is yet and ive missed this info, or will this only become clear when the books are released. Obviiously this would have an impact on some books i buy now and also deciding which ones to read come september

  11. The Last of the Mohicans-esque music in the video almost tricked me into buying more comic books.  How’d they know my weakness?!

  12. I’m so glad that this is happening!

    I’ve been only skimming the DCU for the last 8 years (my time reading).

    I’ve got the obvious books, but have been wanting to truly immerse myelf in the universe.

    This is now my chance!

  13. I’m right there with you @TheNakedGenius. I’ve been hovering barely on the peripheral of DC comics because of the huge shadow of “continuity” hovering over me. As a result I’ve been reading a lot of the more recent series that have been able to get a hold of at the beginning i.e. a lot of Vertigo books.

    I’m so excited that I’ll be able to dive into the DC universe right here, right now. This is completely the perfect launching point for me in current DC comics. I’m excited, my girlfriend’s excited, coworkers are excited, my friends are excited.

    I can’t wait until this hits shelves. My iPad will be getting full of DC comics this Fall. 

  14. Im not gonna lie, the dramatic music along with the enthusiasm made me a little teary.  (Stop laughing!)  I guess that’s the sign of good marketing. (Or just a good musical score).

  15. This video should have came out at the very start of the DC relaunch announcement. I don’t care how you feel about the reboot, these guys seem to be genuinely excited. Always a good sign.

  16.  I am really looking forward to seeing how many “new readers” DC actually gets from this.  I bet it’s not that many. As for longtime fans like me, we are being left in the dust.  Absolutely TERRIBLE new costume designs (just look at Superboy and Harley Quinn).  Character regression at a huge expense (Barbara Gordon).  Regressive storytelling (Superman, Justice League), canceling great books like Secret Six and Xombi.  postponing Batman Inc.  This sucks.  It’s a publicity stunt, a short term solution for a quick sales boost that spites DC’s history and core fanbase.  

  17. I’m really torn about the digital purchases. This seems like a perfect time to start a digital library as my paper comics are just piling up around the house and while I keep them, they don’t sit nicely on a bookshelf and are sort of future garbage.  Digital will reduce the clutter in my life, but it will hurt the wallet of my LCS. I live in a small town with one rinky dink shop but it has been good to me. I’m not sure what to do.

  18. @MadMartigan, I’m right there with you. I’m so stoked and proud of comics, and being a fan.
    They make me feel that even with my lack of funds to buy books, I can still get a great value of buying these comics, even just the few I will be able to buy. Also, the digital discount thing? Hugely excited, because I will be able to follow a few more books that I don’t need to own.

  19. Is Geoff Johns finally TOO BUSY for something?! He’s reached his maximum! He’s gonna blow!

  20. @JokersNuts — I’m glad a publisher is trying SOMETHING, cause doing nothing and maintaining the status quo of a sinking ship will only guarantees that comics might not be around for anyone, old reader or new inside of the next 10 years. They have corporate parents who will only accept sagging sales and negative sales growth for so long before it all gets shut down.

  21. Why does dan DiDio sound more like my jewish grandparent in this video than anywhere else. Also really looking forward to the new books they kinda been stagnant since coming out of the last event

  22. 52 huh?  There will be one fewer book every week until the final week, when BLAMMO, back to the current DCU!

  23. @sidach  It has been confusing, even for those of us following along. They’re being very coy about exactly what the nature of the reboot is, but I think that’s probably wise — they need to let each #1 speak for itself.

    THAT said, if you read between the lines on some of the news stories, there are some details you can glean.

    – Justice League and Action Comics will each have an opening arc that starts in the past — a Year One story, if you will. After that, they’ll jump forward to the present.

    – All the BIG events have happened in the DCU, including the Killing Joke and Barbara being Oracle, but they’ve happened in a much shorter span of time, like 5 years. That’s why everyone’s younger. It’s not dissimilar to, say, Iron Man’s origin being moved up and set in the Gulf War in the Marvel universe.

    – Superman is being referred to as the “first” super-hero. We don’t know that that means for the JSA. Maybe they’ll be discovered for the first time on another Earth in an upcoming story. Or maybe people just don’t remember them for some reason. But for now the focus will be on the current generation.

    – Characters and teams like Grifter, Stormwatch, and Static have now “always” been part of the DCU.

    Does that help?

    In the end, my personal feeling is that the proof will be in each #1. It doesn’t matter how much continuity they use or discard — it needs to feel accessible to everyone from loyal fans to lapsed readers to first-timers.

  24. @wallythegreenmonster  Amen. I’m surprised at home much doom and gloom there is from the existing fans. The industry is shedding readers, and DC specifically has been losing market share.

    I mean, whatever my personal feelings about Superman’s costume redesign, I can’t say they’re not really going all out and making a really bold move here. And honestly? The more I read, the more I like. The creators seem jazzed, they seem like they have a lot of freedom, and DC seems genuinely focused on diversifying their line. We’re getting a new Animal Man book by Jeff Lemire! We still have a Jonah Hex book! We’re getting a Medieval Fantasy book set in the DCU! That’s… c’mon folks… this is pretty cool. 🙂

  25. Every time I think about it the book I’m looking forward to most changes. Right now I’m thinking Paul Cornell’s Stormwatch looks bad ass.

  26. i must be menopausal. crying like a baby. nah, not really

  27. Not gonna lie I loved hearing Grant Morrisson talk about Superman a 2:28.

  28. @ResurrectionFlan  Actually he was fairly involved with that movie. Surprised you didn’t know that, hm. 

  29. “Desperate.. but inriguing..” – Me

  30. can’t help but smile when grant morrison talks he is just the embodiment of what comics should be and what they’re about

  31. I’m definitely interested. The only thing that stood out in the video was the constant mention of doing this “for new fans” and giving new people something to be excited about. Other than Jim Lee I don’t recall anyone else saying much about existing fans. We all want new readers but I just get fidgety when I hear that much new reader talk.

  32. So many books I want to check out. have to really decide what I can afford, what I can drop to make room. Gah! being broke sucks!

  33. This is a great commercial for this shake-up.

    I’ve trusted people like Didio, Johns, Morrison, and Lee with my most treasured characters and comic book memories, and on the whole they have yet to disappoint me. To see them all working together on something that they seem to truly believe in is both exciting and honestly inspirational. 

    To quote Dr. Pete Venkman: “I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it!” 

  34. There must be a portrait of Jim Lee aging somewhere (hell, he probably drew it) because that dude look young for 46.

  35. I’m excited..its a a shake-up and now they need to market it so the mainstream public knows about it.

  36. Did Bob Harris say that DC is going to be the first Publisher to put their books out Day and Date Digitally? I thought Archie was doing that right now?

  37. Basically, this means any books in current continuity that we’re buying are pointless. They will have no effect on the reboot versions of these characters. Some characters we’ve grown fond of will be gone (Stephanie Brown, I’ll miss you).

    They better get this right, becuase if they don’t, there may be a lot of long time readers (40 years here) that may just cancel their standing orders and walk away from DC.

  38. @Yuri01 My opinion? The only pointless stories are the poorly written ones. Whether or not they exist in some “continuity” tomorrow is really neither here nor there. You read it; it happened.

  39. @jmstump  Is Archie’s whole line Day/Date digital? Wow… how did that slip by me? That’s pretty impressive, if so.

  40. @Yuri01  –they’re not pointless if you’re having fun and enjoying stories for what they are. Isn’t that more important than the number on the cover? I think your sentiments while being very valid are also one of the biggest problems with comics right now. Collectors in their 30s and 40s who want their complex continuities. I think DC is realizing that is the wrong audience to focus on. I think the strategy of making comics accessible to younger readers while embracing technology is a great strategy to make comics culturally relevant again. I’m hoping it works, because healthy, successful publishers are good for the readers. 

  41. @daccampo  That is a great line!  I am going to steal it the next time I hear someone going on about a story being ‘pointless’ or ‘necessary’ or ‘matters’  Thanks!

  42. Balls deep!!

  43. it is interesting, at the very least i think Action Comics would be worth picking up!

  44. I’m still hesitant. I want this to work but this could go so wrong so fast. but i will at least take a peak at Action Comics. morrison and superman hasn’t done me wrong yet.