DC Comics Heads off to WAR this September

War is brewing.

DC announced this morning that a number of war comics from throughout the publisher's history will be resurrected for a series of one-shots starting this September. They've drafted a not-so ragtag team of writers and artists to get things done.

Leading the charge are Ivan Brandon and Darwyn Cooke on the supernatural slobberknocker that is Weird War Tales. B. Clay Moore and Chad Hardin will chronicle Our Fighting Forces (stomping ground for Jack Kirby's The Losers). William Tucci and Justiniano go once more into the breach with Star-Spangled War Stories (the home of Enemy Ace, The Land That Time Forgot, and The Unknown Soldier). Matt Sturges and Phil Winslade will gear up for G.I. Combat (the anthology that produced The Haunted Tank). The wave will also boast the first new issue of Our Army at War (Sgt. Rock's home turf) since the late 70s. A creative team was not listed.

These books will feature covers from the likes of Darwyn Cooke, Mark Schultz, Geof Darrow, Joe Kubert, and Brian Bolland. I believe the appropriate term is shock and awe.

Here's a look at the covers to Weird War Tales and G.I. Combat from Cooke and Darrow respectively:

You will note a league of extraordinary zombies (not a war pitting brother against brother, but man against great great grandsire) and, yep, that's the Haunted Tank alright!  No telling what other classic DC war characters will turn up in the other books, but one thing's for sure. There will be blood.

Very nice to see a return to some truly important comics from the early days of DC and onward. Some of these titles had runs in the hundreds of issues, launching in the 50s and then wrapping up in the 70s. In a $3.99 world, it's unlikely that any of them would last nearly so long, but with such high calibre talent enlisted for these one-shots, we're looking at a nice little campaign.


  1. Um….

    Fuck Yeah!

  2. Best war-related news ever!

  3. Weird war tales’s going to be awesome, look at that awesome cover. WOW!

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    the Tiki 

  5. What Chris said.

  6. Wierd War Tales could be so awesome if they brought it back full time. Nazi Zombies. Demonic Jihadists….i mean it would be totally "America Fu#k yeah!" but still kinda awesome.

  7. Can’t wait to read.

  8. I like it!

  9. did I read this right, a SGT. Rock ongoing?????

  10. @tdog: "A series of one-shots"

  11. Nice.

    Always wanted to read comics involving all of these characters. 

  12. OOOOhhh, gets my vote, especially Darwyn working on a classic genre book.  Here’s hoping it’s as good as his Jonah Hex stuff. 

  13. Damn. The talent on these books is outstanding. What a great idea. 

  14. Darwyn channeling his inner Mignola on that cover.  Love it.

  15. Ennis is the gold-standard

  16. Cool.  I’ll be getting these for sure.  In the meantime I might try to check out some of those original series.

  17. Big fan of war comics.

  18. A currently under-appreciated sub-genre gets its due. I happen to be reading quite a bit of war (and crime) comics this year (as well as catching up on about five years of collecting but not reading comics), so I’m looking forward to this. The DC war books were always interesting to me as a kid, so I’m hoping this is good. These titles, while not the paragons of the (anti-)war genre, like Two-Fisted Tales and Blazing Combat, were consistently well-done, by some of the giants of the form. Nice to see that DC realizes that, and is bringing some top-flight talent to these books. Hate war, but enjoy good (anti-)war comics.

    P.S. I just read World War Robot by Ashley Wood and TP Louise. The debt in Wood’s style to artist’s like Joe Kubert is a delight to see. Also, I saw Sebastian Junger’s Daily Show interview to promote his new book War, yesterday. Looks frighteningly riveting. Anyone looking for some really well-written material about this subject should seek out the war stories written by Ambrose Bierce, who saw action in the Civil War, and presents the horrors of battle in unflinchingly frank prose. Also, Melville’s "Billy Budd" is quite excellent.

  19. Brian Bolland! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  20. I am in full blown nerdgasm right now . Darwyn Cooke , Joe Kubert , Brian Bolland ….yes . I hope they still end them with the tagline Make war no more , like they used to .