David Lafuente’s Cover for New Mutants #29 Goes Thor-ish

We gave you your first look at David Lafuente's pencils for his work with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on New Mutants, and now you can take a look at the colored cover. The adventure, part of Fear Itself, takes them through the Nine Realms of Yggdrasil (!), where they get all decked out Asgardian style, because, wouldn't you?

New Mutants #29 hits shelves in August.


  1. awesome!

  2. This looks fun, and its the first I’ve heard of DnA taking over the writting. I think Zeb Wells was doing a damn fine job before Age of X, so he will be missed. DnA better really bring their A-game, I know there not slackers by any means, but they have been hit or miss with me lately (Hero’s for Hire and the recent Anihillators hasn’t been that good).

  3. Ohmanohman! The New Mutants’ Asgardian Wars story is one of my favorite X-arcs of all time. This feels all kinds of right.

  4. If Oliver Coipel gets replaced by David Lafuente as the new ongoing artist for Thor, I’ll be okay with that.

  5. OK – this image seals it for me. I am sticking around for LaFuente’s run on the book.

  6. *drool*

  7. I honestly cannot see what everybody sees in this guy.

  8. Yeah, I’m with you @clintaa. I just don’t get the love for him. It’s clean, but I just don’t dig the style.