Darwyn Cooke Cover for Mirror, Mirror by Josh Williamson and Lee Moder

Mirror, Mirror hasn't even shown up in Previews yet, but writer Josh Williamson was so excited about this Darwyn Cooke cover that he had to share.

Mirror, Mirror is set for a November 24 release where it will land in both comics shops, and, as is the deal with Kickstart, Wal-Mart stores.  The pencils and inks are by Lee Moder (Legion, Wonder Woman, Painkiller Jane, Red Sonja). Josh Williamson (Superman/Batman, Dear Dracula, Overlook, Necessary Evil) wrote the story of Snow White's magic mirror, shattered, its shards hidden around the world, and the hunt to recover them before they can be used for evil purposes.  The 100 page hardcover will be $14.95. Diamond order code: SEP101058


  1. Beautiful work as always Mr. Cooke. Some really nice coloring here.