Daredevil: Reborn #1 Cover by Jock

It's a good day for covers by my favorite artists today.  Jock just gave us a glance at the cover for the upcoming and mysterious Daredevil: Reborn #1. As you can see, we still don't know who The Man Without Fear is, but there is a really omnous storm over Queens. 

And while he was at it, he went for the black and white line art.

More pretty pictures on Jock's blog.


  1. Oh no! Someone broke Daredevil’s jump-rope!

  2. "As you can see, we still don’t know who Matt Murdock is"

    Is he changing his name?

  3. Am…am I the new Daredevil?

  4. Is the new DD from Jersey Shore? Is he fist pumpin’ in Hell’s Kitchen?

  5. @s1lentslayer – Yeah yeah…

  6. Storm is the new Daredevil!

  7. @gothamcentral79: How about Thor: God Without Fear.

  8. wow. looks great. Interesting to see how they’ll put the banners and logos on top of this.

  9. Really lookig foward to Detictive Comics this Nov.

  10. My money is on Billy Batson as the new Daredevil. 

  11. Without an actual character on that cover, I really couldn’t tell if that was a Jock cover. It’s a great cover though

  12. Damn cool cover.

    Weird to call this "Reborn", though. By the cover, it suggests the opposite. I’m pretty burnt out on the Big Two overusing the words "Reborn" and "Rebirth" so damn often. But…this looks like it could be good.

  13. I’m down.

  14. Can Marvel put this book out in B&W like that Captain America issue awhile back? C’mon holy trinity(Conor, Ron, Josh) use your influence on ‘ol Joe Q.

  15. Awesome.

  16. The new DD is Giant Man! No. Black Goliath! No. Atlas. What I’m sayin’ is… it’s a big outline. :-p (Yes I know it’s not literal.)

    Great cover, though.

  17. When does this come out?

  18. Anyone know if it’s still Diggle?  I have nothing against the guy per se, but his Marvel work has just seemed to lack the magic of his DC/Vertigo stuff.  Or maybe he just needs Jock to collaborate with…

  19. @odare77 yea it’s still Diggle. And your right, his mainstream super hero Marvel work hasn’t been his best, especially his Daredevil which has been exceptionally sub-par.