Daredevil Quilts

While huntng for pictures of Foggy Nelson, I came across this post on craftster.org.  This person is one hell of a Daredevil fan, and has proven it by producing multiple Daredevil quilts.  You may recognize some of the images from your favorite Daredevil artists such as Joe Quesada and Alex Maleev.

And you call yourself a fan?


  1. WANT!

  2. Look, all I want to know, nay NEED to know. How warm are they?

  3. Quilt-fiction. That’s nice.

  4. Oh, I love crafts-y fan people.  Those are awesome.  I used to have very antiquated ideas about quilts, but if you know the right place to look, you can find ones that are very inventive and modern.

  5. LOL I thought it said “Daredevil QUITS“, not quilts. I was like, “I thought he already quit due to Shadowland!”

    Those are quite excellent. Looks almost like the art from the comic!

  6. @kennyg  Haha same here.  I was thinking this odd looking art has nothing to do with Daredevil quitting, how warm are they, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

  7. @kennyg: I thought the exact same! 

    Love the Maleev quilt btw. 

  8. You can get quilts made at WalMart from pictures so I’d imagine if you really wanted a Daredevil one you could just bring a file and they could make it for you.  Assuming the people at WalMart don’t care about the copyrights….

  9. Thanks for the feature, Josh!  I think I can claim a pretty good fan status when it comes to Daredevil. I have the entire run of the comic in one form or another (mostly singles) from the beginning.

    Jurassicalian:  How warm are they? They probably have the same warmth factor as most quilts, on a per square inch basis, because they are constructed of a 100% cotton face and backing fabric, with a 100% natural cotton batting (the padding layer) in between, just as a traditional quilt would have.  None of these would keep you very warm, however, because they are small wall quilts.

    No, these aren’t your grandmother’s quilts.  When I first started the Daredevil Art Quilt Project in 2004, I showed the first piece to my quilting guild, and the response was a tepid “Oh, SPIDER-MAN! My grandson would LOVE that!”  When I debuted the piece with Daredevil on the cross from that famous Joe Quesada cover, you would have thought I had committed blasphemy.  I left that group shortly after that.

    When I first walked into the local comic shop and mentioned that I had made a Daredevil quilt, the visiting artist there actually rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, yeah.  My grandmother makes quilts.”  I went out to the car, got one of mine, and his tune changed as his jaw dropped when I unrolled my “Dare to Dream” panel.

    This is why I’m not your average fangirl.

    kennyg:  The Maleev quilt has 13 shades of red in the Daredevil costume to give you a small idea of what goes into these.  I use rayon thread, and the process is best described as moving the paper to draw with the pencil in a stationary position.  These are all hand-guided; there is no digitization of the image.  I couldn’t make another one “just like it” if I wanted to. 

    The fringes on the bottom of the two complete panels are hand beaded by me, one bead at a time.

    The two pieces with Foggy Nelson in them are from the panel in the series called “Nelson and Murdock”, which shows the two in various times from their partnership.  The first one is from Alex Maleev’s art in the Bendis run, where Matt smugly tells the publisher how much he’ll accept as an apology for the tabloids outting him, and the second is from John Romita, Jr. art in “Man Without Fear” by Frank Miller, showing Matt and Foggy in college.

    My series covers artwork from the cover of Daredevil issue 1 all the way through the Bendis run.  I have designs ready to do some art from Michael Lark’s run, and more recent arcs.  I’m not done, even if for now Marvel has jerked Daredevil out of his own title.

    Oh, and cenquist: please don’t use my name and the W-word in the same article.  Thanks.

  10. Wow! That’s some incredible stuff.

  11. Now I can understand having a quilt of Daredevil; but with him out of the costume and with Foggy? Isn’t that a little bit creepy?

  12. @TheNextChampion  Those two scenes are from the Nelson and Murdock panel in the series, that shows Matt and Foggy over the years at college, then as law partners. The law practice has been a part of the saga over the years, so I did one entire panel of them together. What’s creepy with that scenario?

  13. @Darediva  Nothing.

  14. @Darediva I didn’t mean disrespect. I just thought it was funny that you had actual quilts with humans on them. I love the one with Daredevil and the city around them, a great visual and I would certainly would love to have a quilt like that.

    I don’t know. A quilt with two guys (looking straight at you) is just a bit off putting. That’s just me. 

  15. @TheNextChampion  Oh, none taken! See, these are not BED quilts, and not intended to be such.  That’s where a lot of the funny part always comes in when people first see them.  There’s no real scale for you to see how big they are.  The one at the very top is only a little larger than the cover of a comic book. The panels with Foggy and Matt are actually only about 5 or 6 inches square each, tops. They are just smaller sections of a larger panel that’s only about 24″ x 36″.

    The project is several panels that are meant to hang in a grouping on the wall.  Here are some other pics of some of these. http://www.flickr.com/photos/darediva/sets/72157600387845615/  Maybe this will put things into better perspective and won’t creep you out thinking I have these guys spread out across the bed.  Eww. ; )

    I need to shoot some higher res pics of these.  I think those were with my ancient Sony Mavica with the floppy.

  16. This is awesome. Great job, Darediva.

  17. Badass!