Dammit, Archie! Make up your mind!

Honestly, my heart cannot take all this drama!


  1. Odd composition of the cover here. Lots of blank space in the upper left corner. And is Pop sweating from the exertion of slightly bending over his counter?  I suppose that may be a tear.

    Ah well.  I’m still looking forward to reading this when the trade hits. And, here’s hoping that Conor discusses this on a future podcast!

  2. That Archie is such a dog.  How can Betty and Veronica put up with this sort of abuse??

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    She’s going to ruin that blazer with that carelessly sloshed grape drink!

  4. I say part 6 is "Archie Marries Jug Head"

  5. In the rapid progression we’ve seen (well, that I’ve seen by proxy of Conor’s occasional mentions of Archie on the podcast and articles like these), is this him going on to a second wife? Issue 604, alimony? Issue 605 Archie proposes to Jughead? Issue 606 prostate exam?

  6. Archie must be Mormon.  Bless him and his Native American Jesus.

    @Paul – That blazer was ruined as soon as they chose the color.

  7. First of all, that’s an awful ensemble. A tan blazer over a spotted button-down over a sweater? Ta-cky.

    Also, poor Reggie. His date with Ronnie is ruined! 

  8. @Stuclach – Are we like the fashion police now or what?

  9. And who’s that other guy in the middle of the age? He must be awkward for being in the middle of such an important moment.

  10.  @stuclach  oh snap!

    @muddi900  yes, yes we are

  11. @muddi900 – Yes. I was sworn in yesterday. I have a badge and everything. The badge is teal. 

  12. After sixty years of represssion, Archies going to murder the entire town. Dudes had two girlfriends for sixty years and hasn’t gotten laid? Jesus!

  13. I think what Archie wants to do is to be one of those people who has two families who both dont know the existence of each other. Though his plans have been prematurely foiled by Veronica walking in! dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

  14. Oh hey, I never knew Reggie was Asian!

  15. @stuclach-Teal is the new orange

  16. @drakedangerz – Does that mean it is good or bad?

  17. @stuclach-According to Tim Gunn, thats good.

    And why the hell isn’t Archie down on one knee? No class 

  18. Thank goodness. I was genuinely concerned.

    Archie should have hidden the ring in her grape soda. 



  19. this is ridiculous!

  20. The bartender is really emotional during this moment.

  21. Yup, Archie has some Big Love going on.

    Bless his heart!

  22. lul I can’t blame him. When there are two beautiful women who want you, it’s all too tempting to be greedy.

  23. Perhaps that is the evil mirror world Archie and he just shaved is evil stache.  What that is impossible you say…well it’s offical Archie is a pimp.

  24. Are we going to get all soap opera and find out that Archie didnt really marry Veronica, but it was his evil twin, Barchie?

  25. @stuclach actually mormons kinda hate native americans. 

  26. wow what is going on

  27. @SteenAR – That is not my understanding:

    "The church also teaches an expansive view of God’s covenant with Abraham, which Joseph Smith taught extends not just to Jews, but to the ancient Christian church, and Latter-day Saints as well, who in most cases are declared by their patriarchal blessings to be either literal descendants of Abraham, or adopted into the family of Abraham through one of the tribes of Israel, often the Tribe of Ephraim. Native Americans are sometimes declared to be descended from the Tribe of Manasseh based on the teachings of the Book of Mormon that some descendants of this tribe, the family of Lehi, left Jerusalem and crossed the ocean in a ship about 600 B.C. and landed in what today is called the Americas."

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beliefs_and_practices_of_The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints 

  28. Please tell me all of this Archie Marriage Madness will be collected in a trade.  Suddenly, perhaps strangely, I now want to read all of this & I’m not sure I could track down the issues.

  29. What is a definitive Archie run or TPB?

     Is this a good jumping on point? 

  30. Did you see this? I think they should have done this issue for real:


  31. the story is probably half archie veronica half archie betty. showing two different stories of the future 

  32. You’ve gotta admit they’ve done a brilliant job with this mini-series, getting people to read Archie again. I hadn’t read an Archie for at least 30 years prior to this. I guess once this is over and everything goes back to normal (never aging, no continuity), then people will stop reading it again.

  33. @thenextchampion That is no Bartender… that is Pop Tate who runs the hangout of the Riverdale gang for about a bazillion years now, he’s a long running character,

  34. You know Archie is the longnest running triangle I have ever seen. I mean with all the guys in Riverdale Betty and Veronica are still chasing Archie. Poor Reggie is just getting left out when all of them should just pair up and have done with it. It goes like this Archie with Veronica and Reggie with Betty. Since Archie and Betty are middle class they could bring osmething to the upper class of Reggie and Veronica then they call all swap around after they marry then they could re name the books The Real Housewives of Riverdale.