Custom FrankenCastle Figure

I'm not a toy guy, and I'm not even reading FrankenCastle (alhough, I wonder more and more why not).  However, this morning, writer Rick Remender posted a link to his Twitter feed, to The Fwoosh, and their custom toy message board, and the results pretty much speak for themselves.  For more go to The Fwoosh.


Hey look! The first poster made note of how dumb he thinks FrankenCastle is!


  1. I Love FrankenCastle! Remender and Parker are doing great on this title.

  2. Haha, that toy looks great!  I’ve been reading Remender’s Punisher in HCs, so I’ll be waiting a bit until I can read this arc.

  3. Loving the book and I would totally buy that toy.

  4. Now that’s some detail on a custom figure

  5. I am so wanting this….love the Frankencastle arc, Remender is truly rocking with this series.

  6. Did Josh just kind of tell off iFanboy members like you?

  7. I need a Frankencastle toy. Seriously. Is there like a petition I can sign or something? I am a Marvel Zombie through and through, but the one thing that DC does better is put out toys of every possible iteration of their characters. If this was based on a DC comic, the toy would have been out months ago.

  8. wow that person did a really good job.  too bad the book is garbage.

  9. oh yeah I meant to say "it’s just not for me"

  10. Impressive.  I’m always amazed by this kind of dedication.

  11. Is it just me, or is it only okay if Josh makes fun of something? He’s always so stingy about that kind of thing, but many times on the Podcast will he say something bad about something.

    It somewhat annoys me.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s pretty damn awesome. And Rememnder’s take on the book is so effing fun, it’s ridiculous. 

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I make that same typo every time I type out "Remender." Sometimes, I even fix it!

  14. I’m not a toy guy but…I want that RIGHT NOW! I’ll put it next to my Groucho Marx bust and "I’m with CoCo" print. So cool.

  15. No matter what people think of Frankencastle you have to appreciate how awesome that figure is.  It’s clear a lot of love and work went into it and it shows with how accurate it is.  Bravo to The Fwoosh!

  16. Custom toy article. Awesome!

  17. I know some people keep saying this is a good book- fun- etc

     But it looks so spectactularly retarded I just can’t even bring myself to crack it open.

    I admit I maybe missing out-  

    Like that cute girl with what maybe just a pimple or it could be a cold sore-

    It’s just doesn’t seem worth the risk. 

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ericmci – You risk no VD’s by trying a book. Unless it’s from a library. 

  19. @PaulMontgomery – Blasphemy!

  20. pretty cool! =D

  21. At what issue did this arc start?

  22. @Mykey: PUNISHER #11

  23. Awesome!

  24. I have to buy this! 

  25. @ActualBut- you r right. Never noticed cuz I never saw a toy I wanted.


  26. Frankencastle, is a sign that just because an idea sounds stupid (to many) doesn’t mean execution can’t make it really good.

  27. Name me a mainstream comic book concept that doesn’t sound stupid when trying to explain it to a hot chick at a bar.


  28. Depends on what would be called a Hot Chick, and who you would say is one.

    For instance, Gail Simmone is very pretty, and I bet she’d love to hear about the cool things that just happened in Blackest Night Wonder Woman. 


  29. You know that’s not what I mean.

  30. The head is from a Lex Luger WCW action figure.