Cullen Bunn Takes Over VENOM

Venom #22 Cover by Tony Moore

Earlier today, Marvel Comics held a press conference to announce that Venom #22, releasing in August, would be Rick Remender’s last issue.  After Remender departs, Cullen Bunn will take over the series with Venom #23.  Both Remender and Bunn were on the call and eager to talk about what’s to come for Flash Thompson, also known as Venom.

Remender launced the Venom series with the first issue a little more than a year ago, and it’s a been a wild ride that’s included Remender taking the challenge from series editor Stephen Wacker to dive deep into the Marvel history books and re-invent some villains for Venom, ultimately creating another Bullseye type nemesis.  Remender answered that challenge with Jack O’Lantern, The Crime Master and many other villains that have come together most recently in the Savage Six.  Bunn is excited to follow that path, with both writers excited to get characters like Death Adder into the mix. But the most compelling villain to be introduced has been the re-emergence of Eddie Brock as Toxin.  Remender commented  “I think everyone responded well to Anti-Venom, but too many of the symbiotes have been seen as sympathetic.. Toxin is a revenge-fueled terror monster.”  The emergence of Toxin goes along with the plan to clean up the Marvel Universe of other characters that feature a piece of the Venom Symbiote.

As the reins get handed to Cullen Bunn, he explained that part of his approach to Venom is to have him step up to be the hero he’s always wanted to be and alot of the dark events that have happened in Venom will help as Bunn commented,  “Flash is trying to grab onto that hope and make a different life for himself. The thing we know about Flash is that he tends to screw things up terribly … it’s not going to be an easy road for him to get to that happy place. He’s working towards a brighter future but, it’s not going to be easy at all.”

Venom #22 features art by Declan Shalvey, and Venom #23 features are by Thony Silas, who can get a glimpse below in the preview of his pencils from the issue.


  1. geez cullen bunn must be working like a maniac these days

  2. Nooooo i loved Remender’s Flash and now he won’t get nearly as much attention, I love his team books but his solo books are great too and now there are none left

  3. What a weird coincidence…this marks the second title in a row that I’m dropping monthly when Cullen Bunn comes on. I love Bunn’s stories, especially Sixth Gun (which is one of the funnest new comics I’ve read in awhile). But yeah, I dropped Wolverine and am dropping this not because of Bunn, but because it took ALOT for me to pick up a solo book featuring Wolverine and Venom when I did. They are not typically characters whose solo stories I typically enjoy for the majority of the time, so it took alot of convincing to pick them up under Aaron and Remender’s pen. I’m really glad I did, but with their stories ending, there’s going to be alot of toe dipping involved to see if I want to continue with this character.

    • I’m in exactly the same situation.

    • Same for me. Nothing against Bunn, but I was reading Wolverine and Venom more for Jason Aaron and Rick Remender than I was the characters. If either series ends up being great, I’ll be more than happy to go back and check them out. But given the grip Aaron and Remender had on the characters, it just feels like a proper jumping off point. Sorry, Cullen. Nothing personal.

    • And me three!

      Love 6 Gun but I’m not on for either this or the change in Wolvie.

    • I could not agree more. I never read a solo Wolverine book before Aaron’s run. Venom I was back and forth on because I’m invested in the Spider Universe. I will say that Marvel keeps giving us (with the exception of Bendis) a taste of how great a character can be, then taking it away a year to year and a half later. *sigh*. I’m just not overly happy with Marvel at the moment…

  4. This had kind of been on the horizon for a while. Is Remender’s contract up at Marvel? I’m sure he’s staying but the next last days of american crime book is on the burner as well. I’m sure he ‘d add at least one indie title to his next contract.

  5. I love Sixth Gun, and want to read more from Bunn, but nothing Marvel have put him on really appeals to me.

  6. “Venom” is essentially a Spider-Man brand extension, but I’ve enjoyed this title much more than I’ve ever really liked Spidey. I’ll continue to buy “Venom” for a while until I see what Bunn has in store for readers. “The Fearless” was good, if meat and potatoes comic book story telling. I suspect that Remenders’s wacky imagination will missed.

  7. I’ll try a few issues, but if I lose interest, I’m droppin.

  8. dropping this now sorry .

  9. And when stegman leaves Scarlett spider. Im dropping that to. As long as I have amazing and avenging Spider-Man im all good on The Web head front

    • tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      Stegman has left Scarlet Spider. He’s only doing the covers for a few more issues.

    • tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      Correction: Stegman has posted elsewhere that is doing the interiors for SS #6 and covers for the forseeable future. Which is great news!

  10. Does anyone know if this has to do with the rumor that Remender is hopping on Captain America?

  11. Why would you drop it when Bunn done a great job in issue 17 in Savage Six? I think when he takes over it’s at least worth giving a chance.

  12. I haven’t read any of Bunn’s superhero work i believe. I’ll stay on as long as its interesting. I really like that splash page though.

  13. I was going to drop Wolverine when Aaron left but they double shipped that month and it was pulled for me.

    I liked his first issue of Wolverine a lot and will keep with it til I don’t.

    Will give him a shot on Venom now too.

    But I don’t need much of an excuse to drop books.

  14. I predict by the end of the year Cullen Bunn will be writing ALL the books.

  15. First I lose Moore and now I lose Remender, when they were the only reasons I gave Venom a chance in the first place… I guess I’ll give Bunn a shot, but it would be easier if they actually got a steady artist on the book.

  16. chopping block now. no offense to bunn

  17. Holy crap can Shalvey draw

  18. I’m going to give Cullen Bunn an arc or two and see if I like his style of writing. Remender can’t write Venom forever if he hopes to still do Secret Avengers as well as it has been. I thank him for all the work he’s poured into making Flash an interesting and viable character in the Marvel Universe. Here’s to Flash treading on, I’ll still be reading!

  19. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    I love Bunn’s The Sixth Gun and I’m willing to give him a chance on this book since I already buy it. For some reason, this is the Remender superhero title I really liked even when I tried Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers, they didn’t do much for me. I really want to read Fear Agent and once they put out a hardback collection with the first issues, I’m definitely gonna get that.

  20. I’ll totally give this a try, and I don’t regularly read this title. Bunn is a great writer and a cool guy, so I’ll definitely give him a shot.