Conor on ‘Fuzzy Typewriter’

It’s another podcast crossover event! But this time there are no comics involved.

I guest starred on Fuzzy Typewriter to discuss one of the best new TV shows in years — AMC’s Mad Men.

Check it out here or search “Fuzzy Typewriter” on iTunes!

If you haven’t seen Mad Men and are curious to know what it’s all about, the first half of the discussion is spoiler-free. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

Fuzzy Typewriter is from iFanboy’s own Paul Montgomery, AKA paper. It’s a great show featuring movies, music, books and more. Everybody should check it out!


  1. Nice job gentlemen.

  2. I have to say, I only recently discovered this show. I’d heard good things about it and decided to check it out for 2 reasons; friends had told me it was really good, and Christina Hendricks is in it.

    And I must say this is just a blinding TV show, up there with the best. But can anyone tell me how long the season is? I’m up to episode 9 (still playing catch-up) and wanna wait til I’m caught up before listening to the podcast.

    Mmmm… Christina Hendricks….

  3. Hey, Eyun.

    The season is 13 episodes.

    Christina Hendricks is phenomenal on the show. She a had a great arc this season.

    Hope you enjoy the podcast when you get to it. Just remember you can listen to the first half without running into any spoilers.

  4. Thanks paper, that’s good news, only 4 eps to go.

    So good to see Christina on another well-received show after Firefly.

    Looking forward to the podcast.

  5. I really don’t mind spoilers at all, but the discussion on Fuzzy Typewriter was so good, it got me so interested I got about 2 minutes into the “spoilage” second half that I hit the off button! I hope I forget what little I heard by the time I see the episodes in question…Thanks for bringing this show to my attention! Sounds really great and right up my alleyway… And who was that guest? He seemed so smart and articulate in his discussion of the show… Really liked what he had to say about the gender issues. I’m always up for good gender issue exploration, and the time in question (1960) really is unexplored territory. Sounds good, can’t wait to see the show!