Conan’s NYCC Man Checklist

Dark Horse Comics sent out this useful guide they cooked up with Conan the Barbarian about how to best be prepared for the upcoming New York Comic Con.  He makes a lot of sense. Except the bit about the horse.


  1. Is it wrong that I expected Conan O’Brien upon seeing the headline?

  2. …and hear the lamentations of the women, right?

  3. Awesome!
    I expect hear some reports of sword fighting in the aisles.

  4. Pfft, yeah, but does Conan know where to start with Green Lantern?

  5. I totally thought this article was Conan O’Brien tips. *sigh*

  6. The only things I’ve done at this point is locate my steed and gather my weapons.  I guess I’ve got a few more things to do before Thursday.

  7. that is conan o’brien.  during his time off, he has made significant changes to his diet, wardrobe and exersize regimen, not to mention his hair.

  8. I was already mentally cursing that this article was going to be about O’Brian and not the "real" Conan

    then I clicked on the article and had my faith restored

  9. 7. Bring a sturdy pair of goggles to defend yourself against surprise pen stabbings.

  10. I travelling companion is no where near as good looking as Conan’s.

  11. Why wouldn’t you want a horse? It’d be easier to push through the crowds on a valiant steed.

  12. I just called Southwest. They won’t let me take a broadsword on the plane. I didn’t want to check luggage…

  13. I thought it was about CoCo too…

  14. @thompsonlive You’re not alone.