Conan O’Brien’s Flaming C Goes Animated

First Conan's TBS series stole our bit.  Then things got kind of weird.  Now, The Flaming C has gone animated.


Somewhere, there's a die-hard Superman fan penning a very serious, non-ironic letter.


  1. This will only end in an ongoing series!

  2. Somewhere else, there’s a die-hard iFanboy follower penning an even more serious, even less ironic letter.

  3. what the???? Is that actually in the show or just an elaborate joke? hahaha 

  4. Somewhere a Zatara fan is weeping gently to themselves.

  5. Wow, that was wonderful.

  6. Fantastic!

  7. Holy crap that dialog from Young Justice was so bad. Sad they’re shoveling that junk into kids’ minds.

  8. One of my favorite things about Conan is how he let’s bits and characters build and build over time. Loved this.

  9. I would definetly buy that >Come on DC lets see a Flaming C ongoing series .

  10. The Flash is jealous!

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  12. I would definitely watch anything starring The Flaming C!

  13. How long til the Flaming C shows up in the DCU?

  14. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TimmyWood  Agreed. I love that this is an ongoing concept. Cool to see DC animation getting this kind of attention. It’s all good publicity. 

  15. Is it sad that I wanted to at least tweet to Conan that it was Zatara he was curious about?

  16. HAHAHA! Awesome. I wish they would have redubbed the dialogue with Conan’s voice saying some ridiculous stuff. This could be hilarious if done in a Tick vein. Or maybe like the Booster Gold episode of JLU.

  17. Nice.

  18. … huh. Thought people would be outraged or at least have more negative opinions about this. Very interesting turn of events.

  19. @Mangaman  … why?

  20. This time Conan gave Timm the recognition that he deserves.  Yes, it is a small pond, but Bruce Timm is a damn big fish in it.

    More importantly, that is damn funny stuff!

  21. Hi li glove.  Brilliant.

  22. i love the flaming c! its only a matter of time till he has his own definately interested.