Comics Podcast Crossover! iFanboy invades ‘Around Comics’!

Conor and I invaded the Around Comics podcast this week where we discuss the good and bad with comic book stores. You can find the show by going to the Around Comics site.

Around Comics is one of our favorite podcasts and it was blast talking with the AC gang.

I have to admit, it was very weird to be on someone else’s podcast, especially on the phone but we had a lot of laughs. If you’re not listening to Around Comics, you should be — they put out two episodes a week and are jam packed with great discussion and comic book info.


  1. Two great tastes that taste great together?

  2. A Civil War tie-in and now a crossover. Do I have to get both podcasts to understand the story or can I get away with just one?

    Of course, I am kidding. I am listening to it right now and it is really good.

  3. Remember to pick up both covers!
    They are both Foil wrapped and come with a collectible knife.

  4. I listened to it this morning. It was wacky fun.

    I did hear you guys correctly when you said Josh was gonna be on the show and in-store right? Time to bring back the Around Comics’ Bourbon! (If anyone has not heard that episode where the hosts were completely wasted… you missed comedy GOLD!)

    The Tiki

  5. Conor…

    You shopped at a store owned by TYPHOID MARY?

    the Tiki

  6. I believe so. Everytime she hacked into that rag, I edged away more and more. Only she was right there by the new books.

  7. when will josh be at around comics?

  8. It’ll probably be out the first week of may.

  9. Josh,

    Have you ever been to Chicago before? It is a phenominal town. I lived there for 14 years and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Ask the AC guys to take you to the Wiener Circle after the recording.

    the Tiki

  10. This is great that you guys were on here. I love this show too. It’s funny because those guys seem to like a lot of the stuff that you don’t . So, I never know who to listen to.

  11. This is great that you guys were on here. I love this show too. It’s funny because those guys seem to like a lot of the stuff that you don’t . So, I never know who to listen to.

    iFanboy is a review show, so yeah, our favorite three podcasters are critical of crap.

    Around Comics is a Comics appreciation show and they’re trying to be positive about comics period, the great and the dreck.

  12. Wow, I can’t wait to hear you guys on this show – work has been as busy as hell 12 hour days 7 days a week, no time to listen as yet, but will be survivable knowing you are on Around Comics waiting for me, as well as the usual wonderful stuff you guys put out.

    Flash News for Tokyo: iFanboys Score Name Recognition in Japan:

    I think it’s great you guys are getting more attention — your hard work is paying off. And get this as evidence of you growing fame- just today at work, a woman (actually mega cool) tried to joke I was “just a big fanboy” because I liked comics and Buffy. Then she found out the guy to the left of her is a big Buffy fan, and the guy to the right of her is a guy who is really into comics but gave up trying to keep up reading them (access issues in Japan), but still regularly reads Newsarama. Oops. Funny moment.

    But here’s the payoff – the guy who hasn’t read a comic in well over a couple of years (so hard to get in Japan), who reads Newsarama on a regular basis, instantly recognized the “iFanboy” name because he keeps seeing it on Newsarama.

    I think I’ll have to do my iFanboy civic pride thing and set him up listening to iFanboy podcasts, and tuning him into the cheaper way to order trades (he was paying at least 40% more than I do).

  13. Eating pizza alone and naked at the gym while you read comics?

    My roommate only heard that line and turned to me and said “What the hell are you listening to?” then walked out of the room.

    Thank you Tom Katers.