Comics are all a-Twitter

Besides being the dumbest title I’ve ever written, I realized that I’ve never heard anyone mention the comic book folks on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s a social networking site, where the user can send very short posts (no more than 140 characters) to people following their feed. As mentioned many times on our podcast, iFanboy is on there, as well as myself, Ron, and Conor individually. Even Gordon the Intern is in on the action. But besides us, there are quite a few comic book pros who send out “tweets” fairly often, and it’s sometimes quite interesting to get a glimpse of the folks behind comic books, often in a completely different way.
Now at first, I’ll admit that I heard what this service was, just as it was peaking in popularity (because that’s when I hear about new things apparently), and I just thought it would be one more annoying social networking gimmick, but it’s proven to be quite sticky. It’s fun to get short updates from the lives of people you barely know. And some of the best ones come from comic book people.

Writer Brian Wood was the first guy I followed on Twitter, and in contrast to his surly writing style, I’ve learned a good bit about how he works, his new baby, and his travels in London, just for a start. Of course, another famous crank is Warren Ellis, who brings his distinct way with words in Tweet form fairly often. He’s proof that the writer is always writing, no matter how small a space he as to fill, and that’s no excuse to get lazy about it. Perhaps you’re more into Matt Fraction, who sometimes posts about his work, and rising star Brian Reed, who apparently made a recent trip to Indiana. As if you can’t find enough ways to hear from PvP‘s Scott Kurtz, he’s on there too. There’s Tony Moore, the phenomenal artist, and indie partners in crime, Jeremy Haun and B. Clay Moore of The Leading Man as well. Need more color? How about colorist Trish Mulvihill? There’s Dean Trippe, who draws real good. Lest we forget, there’s Wasteland writer Antony Johnston, and the amazing artist Ben Templesmith.

There’s certainly an addictive quality to this whole thing, but unlike Facebook or MySpace, there’s really not much to it, so it doesn’t get overwhelming, and I’ve found myself an avid user, and currently, I have more followers than JJ Abrams, so that’s awesome.


  1. I still don’t know what this is.
    How about a brief explanation.
    Is this txting? E-mailing?
    What the deuce?


    This might explain it a little more in depth.

  3. I find that I occasionally need to turn notifications off because there’s just too much talk happening.

  4. It is everything and nothing all at once. Maybe that is why we all love it so much.

  5. It really is fun. Lately, I use it much more than myspace or facebook, I’ve noticed. It’s just a quick way to post little observations, or see what others are up to.

    And I should note that a lot of the folks from the iFanboy forums are also on Twitter. And they’re generally pretty cool people, too. 😉

  6. I love it. My one complaint with the iFanboy twitter is that they ask questions, but they don’t follow anyone, so how can they get responses? Josh, I know you follow me, but it’d be nice if the iFanboy twitter would follow it’s followers.

    But yeah, I love my twitter. Thank God I have unlimited incoming text messages though, or I would spend a million dollars in overages.

  7. Any time someone replies to an iFanboy Twitter, it shows up in our responses as if we were following them. It works the same for me individually, where anyone with an @ifanboy or @jaflanagan will be seen in my feed.

  8. Oh, and you don’t have to get an incoming text for every twitter in your feed. You can choose none, or just select specific people who you want to be notified about.

  9. I love Twitter. Seeing what people are up and what not. Makes the day go by faster. The only thin i’m annoyed with is that sometimes I don’t get all the twitter messages on my phone. 🙁

    Oh the joy of unlimited text messaging. 🙂

  10. Yeah, I don’t mean to scare anyone off with the amount of messages I get. I get them by phone because I can afford to. If I couldn’t, I’d just limit the ones I get or switch to only getting them by IM.

    It’s an awesome service. Anyone who wants to add me could do so at Spifferiferfied.

    And I didn’t know it worked like that Josh, thanks for letting me know. I stand corrected.

  11. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about joining Twitter… but I’m afraid if I started I’d never do anything else. I do like surreptitiously keeping up with everyone else’s; I feel like a voyeur or a spy.

  12. @spiffy – I added ya, brother. 🙂

  13. I just recently started using Twitter (, and hopefully I can get my friends hooked up. It’s just WAY too much pressure for me to maintain a blog. I don’t know how y’all keep up with all of your various interweb commitments…

  14. I’ve been putting off using this thing forever, but I keep on hearing about it and always in a positive light. I took the plunge earlier and am really digging it so far.

  15. I joined Twitter ( when iFanboy announced they would send Tweets from one of the ComicCons. Been with it ever since, following iFanboy, Conor, Ron, Josh, and… oh yeah, the Celebrity Death Beeper…

  16. I love Twitter. Avatar Press has one ( ) and it’s nice to get little updates from them, it would be awesome if more publishers did something similar. Ben Templesmith is another favorite Twitterererer for me. He’s always bitching about the Australian government and I have no idea what he’s talking about.

  17. “Ben Templesmith is another favorite Twitterererer for me. He’s always bitching about the Australian government and I have no idea what he’s talking about.”

    Neither does he!

  18. @fuzzytypewriter if anybody wants to see what i’m up to.

  19. Just signed up

    Dilaudid if anyone’s interested.

    Really don’t understand how this works yet, though.

  20. @acomicbookgirl

  21. @piscespaul