Comics and Veterans Day

While we don’t normally post things like this, it’s amazing how comics really can bring people together so quickly. We want to thank Dave Carr for his story, and for telling it so well. If you have any stories about how comic books have created meaningful experiences for you or others, please feel free to share them with us.

One of the things I’ve added to my Veterans Day rituals is set aside some time to read some war literature to appreciate the experience of soldiers. Ed Brubaker’s Winter Solider: Winter Kills currently holds the rotating comics element of my reading.

Anyway, this past Tuesday, I was getting all set to read Winter Solider from my omnibus between classes when this guy, dressed to his formal ROTC gear approaches me and asks me if I could do him a favor.

Apparently, he had heard through the grapevine that I was born with cerebral palsy and wanted to know if I could talk to his friend James, who had suffered a stroke in Iraq, developed CP and was having difficulty adjusting So I did.

James was extremely nervous, only told me his name and asked me a few simple questions. I could tell he wanted to ask more but wasn’t comfortable with it.

Then he saw the omnibus on my lap. He smiled.

“Dude, I used to read those with my older brother, way back in the day. The 90’s Waid run was the shit. Is that any good?

I handed him the omnibus and he started reading the Winter Kills one-shot I had bookmarked. A sadness came over his eyes, but he smiled whimsically as he read. And then he mumbled, “That’s exactly how it felt.”

He opened up much more after that. Our ability level is strikingly similar, and after sharing with him a few tips and stalwart pick up lines, I gave him the omnibus and told him that it was a grand time to be a comic fan.

I’d like to think my tips helped, but I wouldn’t have gotten through without Brubaker and company. I don’t know his rank, unit, or even his last name, but I won’t forget him any time soon. I slipped my card in though so who knows, maybe I’ll hear from him again.

Comics are awesome.


  1. Indeed comics are awesome and fanatastic story sir!

  2. Really refreshing, in an industry and medium so often maligned for alienation, to see a story about community and shared history.  That’s what storytelling is all about.  

    Good on ya, Dave.   

  3. very good story.  Proof that comics can enrich many peoples lives and bring us together in some way. 🙂

  4. Gosh, thanks for sharing Dave.

  5. Josh – thanks so much for sharing Dave’s comments.

    Dave – comics are indeed "awesome," as I suspect you are, sir.  That was an incredible story to share and I hope (as much as one person who doesn’t know another can) that your life continues to be enriched by both comics and your capacity to share and help others.

  6. Very cool of the guys to ask me to post this 

    Glad you all liked it so muvh. Figuredd you would.   Still processing the strange wonderfulness of it all. The wierd thing is, I’m almost positive James doesn’t attend my college cause I scoured the roster thereafter.

      Right place, right time I huess.

     @geelmonkey  Oh, rest assured comics will stay in my blood and push them I shall.

  7. super stoked that this was posted. Thanks for sharing the story, Dave. It’s really a perfect way to close this crazy week.  Comics–physical comics–will always have the added benefit of unexpected social interactions, you know?  

     great, great moment!


  8. Very nice.

    Also, I remember Winter Kills very vividly, it was a wonderful treat when it came out.

  9. Dave, this is such a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It can be hard to reach out to someone you don’t know, but when we do, we are able to have these great moments. 

    I wish you (and James) all the best.

  10. This story was great on the forums, and is great here.  Good stuff, Dave.  Great story.

    See what you non-forum posters are missing out on?  Go post on the forums!  (Plug, plug.) 

  11. wow… That’s just… wow.

  12. As someone with CP myself I found this story to be great.  Comics helped me through a lot of tough times and they continue to help as I pass them onto my children. Comics are indeed awesome!