Come Kill iFanboy! (On Xbox)

redvsblue3.jpgSaturday, January 28 at 1PM EST (10AM PST), join iFanboy on Xbox live. We’re playing some Halo 2. We’ll be signed on at that time, and if you feel like playing with us, please come along. Obviously, you’ve got to have an XBox, Halo 2, and a Live account, but if you do, we’d love to hang out for a while.

Our gamer tags are Lockjawsh (Josh), ChuckZito (Conor), and crujones13 (Ron).

It is also very important to recognize that we are in no way good at this game, and expect to be killed by twelve year olds very frequently.

This is sort of a new idea for us, and I think it could be a lot of fun. As I said, we’re not super-competitive, and we’re just looking to have a good time, so please don’t be intimidated into thinking we’re uber-733t playerz.

I hate that I just typed that.


I hated that too.


  1. Okay, someone has to get screen shots or something!

  2. I wish I wish.

  3. Looks like everyone is too afraid to face me and my sticky grenades.

  4. My gamertag is now….wait for it…..iFanboy.

    Ignore lockjawsh, cuz he won’t be playing.

  5. Whoops, I’m Two-Gun Smith, not ChuckZito. Man, I haven’t played this game in a while.

  6. We’re in and playng right now with spidermav.

    He’s killing us.

  7. *giggles* Did you have fun?

  8. 5 hours worth of fun there, sister.

  9. Two meager screen shots. It was hard to take pictures whilst running for your life from spidermav.

  10. And good times were all had by all.

    Fat Fuck.

  11. LOL
    that british guy still has me spooked.

  12. Didja get that lump checked out?

  13. Why am I having flash-backs to the DOOM server parties at the old ISP job?

  14. I’ve been to some great Halo parties. That was a load of fun. Did anyone see the LAN party on the segment on 60 Minutes about Fatal1ty? It was in Sweden or some such, and it took up the floor of a convention hall. It must have been crazy….and laggy.

  15. Oh, honey, I’ve got one better.

    My son, freshman in high school, attends “LAN Parties” at school. These are sponsered events to raise money for the Robotics Club. They have about 80 computers, three big screen televisions and every game console imaginable. Ten dollars gets you in the dollar and all the soda you can drink. They sell candy and pizza. It runs ten hours on a Saturday.

    They have huge Halo parties. It’s the only time my son plays. *grins* He even has me watching G4 from time to time.

  16. Uh oh, don’t mention G4 around Josh…

  17. Oh god, NOT G4.


  18. It’s not my fault! They had their heads up their asses and didn’t see talent when they had it in their hands!

    BTW, if Filter was cancelled, then why is their new associate producer working on new shows?

  19. You know, Josh, my son wondered the same thing. I answered, “It was cancelled?”

  20. I was an associate producer on Filter for 2 weeks.

    Lamest most pointless show ever.

  21. Filter the band also sucked. Hey man, NICE SHOT.

  22. Filter was the crappy band that people who didn’t like good music would always try to convince me that was really good.

    No, no thank you.