Colbert is with Iron Man

Last night on The Colbert Report, the Faux-Reilly satirist did a segment on Captain America and Civil War. Clearly the writers knew what was going on, because normally mainstream humor just patronizes comic books, where this didn’t. Of course, when not in character, Colbert himself is rumored to be a big fanboy himself, so I assume that helps.

I think I’m pretty glad I didn’t watch Fox News on Wednesday.

I did see a ridiculous interview by Reuters with a random reader in the comic shop this week when I was picking up my books.


  1. Ahaha.

    That is great stuff. It is quite nice for a change to have a tv segment where the writers obviously knew a little something going into it.

  2. The “Better Know a District” segment right after it is hilarious too.

  3. Loved it, Colbert is awesome “the thing about comics is they are realistic..” priceless

  4. Colbert is friggin smart as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Civil War trade sales perk up a bit from his description of what the war was about. And the whole bit about changing the costumne to terror alert levels was friggin brilliant.

  5. Stephen Colbert is so amazingly funny. I’ve always loved his show and this segment was great. It was like the first two X-Men movies. Accessible to all, but still enough for fanboys to be happy.

    I’m surprised that as a faux-Reilly character that didn’t make a crack about Cap’s new suit. It’s very…rainbowy.

  6. Monica Chan,
    Systems Analyst
    “But who will avenge him? If only there were a group of ‘avengers,’ if you will, organized for that purpose.”

  7. it was great he hit every point. its included in my signature in the forums now.

  8. “Rumored” to be a fanboy? I love how those completely perfect pictures of Steve Rogers pre super-soldier formula (with doctor) and the picture from Brubaker’s “Winter Soldier” with Namor and the Human Torch just “happened” to be hand on a show basically write in less than a few days… AND: I think I can speak for all those offended by the picture of the spandex guy on all internet news site when news was first annouced — we are now vindicated by that shot of Gonzales in spandex.

    And Fox (and others, of the mainstream media to be fair) – Does anybody doubt now that those guys can’t even be bothered to do their research even when its a book with a few words and lots and lots of pictures? Duh.

  9. Hi guys… I’ve got a little question for you

    Cool Colbert Report!!!