‘Civil War’ on NPR

In a story that will probably thrill only Josh, Civil War will be discussed on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation show on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Actually, I’m kidding — I’ll probably give it a listen too.

Click below to read Marvel‘s press release.

CIVIL WAR to be featured on NPR!

The most-talked about book of the year is hitting the airwaves. Civil War continues to capture the mainstream media’s attention as its May 3rd street date looms closer. On Tuesday, May 2, Civil War scribe Mark Millar, Civil War: Frontline writer Paul Jenkins and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada will be the special guests on Talk of the Nation, a daily program broadcast on National Public Radio. Talk of the Nation is a news-driven talk show providing an in-depth and thought-provoking discussion of the day’s top news stories and events going on around the world. In addition, guests, contributors and listeners explore compelling issues in science, education, religion and the arts. On Tuesday, May 2nd, from 2:40 to 3pm EST, the topic will be Civil War, its affects on the Marvel U and its real-world political parallels.



  1. I actually have tomorrow off, so I’ll try and listen. woooooooooooo I’m PSYCHED. It’s a shame I’ll have to wait till saturday to pick up the books because of my work schedule.

  2. You know, it’s funny because I was just listening to an old iFanboy.com podcast where you guys were talking about how DC got the publicity right for Infinite Crisis by having it hit the same week the comic came out. Looks like Marvel might have learned from that!

  3. Or from us 🙂

  4. Where’s our check Kirkman!?

    (I do like NPR by the way….)

  5. I may be reading too much into this, but you guys think there’s some SOCIAL COMMENTARY to be seen here? This is the way I described it to a girl who’d asked me what Civil War was about:

    “Basically some superheroes fuck some shit up and someone dies (re: 9/11). the government is trying to impose a superhero registration act (re: the patriot act) and some of them of them are siding for the government, some of them aren’t. Then they fuck shit (re: each other) up, and I’m very excited. ”

    I realize that mutants were registered before the patriot act came into play but… I don’t know. It’d be cool. Comics writers don’t use their ability to analogize nearly enough, I think.

  6. And what was her reaction to that?

  7. To ignore me completely and talk about her recent breakup.

  8. whoops. This is from Wikipedia:

    “The political allegory is only for those that are politically aware. Kids are going to read it and just see a big superhero fight.”

  9. To ignore me completely and talk about her recent breakup. Story of my life.

    Anyway, there is a political allegory behind it, just like what the wikipedia entry said. But there’s so many different interpretations of every different types of media, so to each their own. Once Civil War hits the streets, people like me, josh, ron, connor, the dude, and other users of this site will probably reveal some deeper insight into the whole event. I personally cannot wait for that.

    Bravo on your general summary, by the way Dude.

  10. I’m very very excited.

  11. That was lame–npr–but still excited about Civil War.

  12. I totally forgot. I was cheating on you guys with another podcast at the time. And Cat Power.
    At least they’ll have it uploaded at 6pm.

  13. Yeah, not a whole lot of new info if you’ve been paying any attention, but I suppose it’s good for all the non-fanboys out there.

    Quesada did make a good point: using comics to stave off a drug addiction just leads to comic addiction. Not sure it’s more dangerous though. Thank God there is no such thing as variant cover crack.

  14. Thank god we’re (mostly) out of the variant bagged trading card cover phase of comics. Like the Trencher used to say, “FRAG THE BAG.”

  15. I remembered something during this interview that was weird in the eighties and is weird now:

    Quesada’s and Jenkins’ interviewer was in the Fall of the Mutants.

    Remember the reporter who covered the X-Men “dying” in Dallas? If you read it again, you will see that it was Neal Conan, who is the host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation.” Friend of Claremont’s? I don’t know. I do know that reading that story again as an adult knowing that the reporter is a real yet not-famous person adds a nice layer of “whaaaa?” to the proceedings.

    Once I remembered the connection (after going, “Why would Neal Conan know so much about Thor? Waaait a second…!”) I was surprised he didn’t mention it… although proudly declaring yourself Wolverine’s friend probably doesn’t do a lot for your public radio cred.

  16. Jenkins’ column is seriously laugh out loud hilarious, I love reading that stuff. Especially this one! That guy kills me.