Christmas List!

The holiday season is upon us. For retailers it started mid-October. For me it started once Halloween ended. For Ron (and other Scrooges) it didn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving. Regardless – it’s here. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not – it’s here! 

Well – at least commercial Christmas is here.

When I was a kid this time of year meant it was time to be good; it was time to wear holiday sweaters; it was time to go to church; it was time to get out the decorations, it was time see family; and – most importantly – it was time to make a Christmas list!

Looking back at my youth I think of all the great things I got that “made my Christmas.” I remember the year I got an Atari 2600 – AWESOME! Not as awesome, though, as the year I got a Nintendo… I only slightly ruined that year by opening a game first – but, I assure you, the excitement was still there. One year I got a Starscream action figure, the “metal” version! I remember the year I got the Ewok village…and I got a Millennium Falcon (not the same year). Oh – there was the Knight Rider Big Wheel. There are so many great memories! Yes, I know I sound selfish and materialistic – but that’s what Christmas is about when you’re a kid, right?

Well – I want to make a list this year. These are the things that I want – and I’m not talking about going back in history. I’m talking about things that are available in today’s market (at least in theory they are). This list is mostly materialistic, selfish and superficial – but I’m writing anyway. Make sure to tell me what I’m forgetting! In no particular order…


1) Mouse Guard  – Remember that book? I liked it… I still like it. I feel like I haven’t seen it in a LONG time. For Christmas I would like the next issue. NOTE –Apparently the latest issue hit stores November 26th – but I haven’t been to the store recently – so it’s still on the list!


2) Watchmen (Absolute Edition) – What’s more fun than a good book? A good book that ‘s really big, heavy and hardcover. I have a few Absolutes – and (if you have the time, money and strength) they are fun to read… and by read I mean sit on the shelf.


3) Kindle (the newer version that doesn’t exist yet) – If you read my article a few weeks ago I talked about this wonderful device. The problem is that it’s not in color yet… and probably a few other quirks. I’m ready for the color version and to no longer buy paper books. Yes – I am aware that this negates gifts 1 and 2 on my list.


4) Apple TV – Speaking of no longer having stuff – I’d like to not have to buy DVDs anymore. Wow – and how great would it be if I could just get rid of my cable bill, too? If Apple TV could give me live sports in HD…


5) Lost Girls – Hear me out for a second. I’ve mentioned this book before… something about potential embarrassment of reading it in public, or at your in-laws house… or just about anywhere. The fact is – I love Alan Moore and I love the three main characters – but the only way I’d feel justified in having this “dirty” book is if it were a gift… and nobody ever saw it.


6) Christmas Vacation – I want to be digitally inserted into a few scenes of the classic Chevy Chase movie… and then I want everybody to buy that version. Just put me in at the end with the cops or something…


7) A large original piece by Darwyn Cooke – And this is more than just a piece of art. I’d like to hang out with him one evening… have a few drinks and then we start sketching. Maybe we even trade art. Yeah – that’d be nice.


8) Teleportation and invisibility – Hey if I don’t keep asking for it, I’ll never get it.


9) An original Lichtenstein… and a Warhol – Hey, if I don’t keep asking for it, I’ll never get it.


10) World peace, and the end to world hunger – Hey, if I don’t keep asking for it, I’ll never get it.


So – there you have it. I feel like a grownup. My list is significantly more expensive and more difficult to fit in Santa’s bag than my childhood list. I guess that’s the difference between plastic toys and… plastic toys with electronics in them… or art.

I guess I won’t hold my breath… I haven’t been that good this year. Happy Holidays!


  1. My number 1 is a Fables Absolute Edition!

    Hey if I don’t ask I wont get it. 

  2. mmmmm kindle

  3. I’m in Japan this year, and I’ve been working on my Japanese. For this reason I’ve got some Manga on my list: Batman Death Mask (the fact that I’ve got an english copy will really help me translate, learn, and read the Japanese one I get here), and Dolls (thanks to the Around Comics S.C.A.D. Scabs for that one). 

    Since I’m in the land of video games, I’ve embraced my inner hardcore gamer and asked my wife for a PSP 3000, as well as Mother 1 & 2 (Earthbound for SNES in N. America) and Mother 3 for GBA. 1 and 3 aren’t available in English, so they’re perfect motivation to study hard.  Here’s hoping.

  4. Number one on my list is the Starman Omnibus Volume One. Next up would be TwoMorrows Age of TV Heroes. I’m waiting for Green Lantern: Secret Origin in trade paperback.   

    (Warning shamless plug:) We just got Netflix’ Roku. It’s like Apple TV. It streams movies and TV shows. The picture quality is pretty good and the library is 12,000.


  5. I stopped wanting big things for Christmas, I’m not sure what happened to me.  I guess it would be the new Left 4 Dead game, and xbox gold membership.

    Books…hmmm, Scott Pilgrim 3 & 4 and All Star Superman vol. 1

    A food processor would be nice

    Oh, socks.  I totally need new socks.  nice, soft, thick socks

  6. I want a book that seems to be out of print…amazon only has used trades for $40! UY Vol. 15

     Anyone know a great place to find books that may be out of print?

  7. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vols. 1-4

  8. I really want an iPod Touch this year.  The chances of me getting it are slim to none to zilch to never.

  9. I’m with you on holding out for the Kindle with color.

  10. Absolute Sandman Volume IV for this guy.

  11. Alcohol. It can’t lose.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My big ticket item this year is a Flip MinoHD (pocket video camera) so I can post videos to the column when I’m not in the mood to type up my usual purple prose.  

  13. Gordon, I must say I love your style. Although I’m a Yankees fan so not completely. 

    Big fan of MouseGuard – David Peterson took the time to respond to my e-mails and I really appreciate that. I hope this will continue on it’s bimonthly basis but I’m on board either way. Love the book. 

    I’ve said before on iFanboy and I’ll say it again, Darwyn Cooke is my favorite artist. To each their own but I wish he would stay on a book like Justice League forever. 

    I’d love to hear what you think of the Apple TV if you end up getting one because I’ve always wanted one just never actually went through with buying it. 


  14. When I wrote the first draft of my Xmas list, it had the 200 gig AppleTV on it.  Once PS3 went down to $399.99, AppleTV went bye bye.  It’s just a better deal.  For another $100 I can play PS3 games AND Blu Ray HD discs.

    I might put AppleTV on my list next year.  Hopefully you’ll get more like 500 gig for $329.99 by then.

  15. Asked for Absolute Sandman Vol. 3, Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman, and Spaced: The Complete Series.

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I have an Apple TV.  It’s rather fussy, but a great way to pump some baroque nonsense through the room as I write, and there’s no better way to watch iFanboy and TRS.  

  17. Hmm… In no particular order, my Christmas wish list

    1. A Nintendo Wii, with at least 5 good games (one of which has to be the latest Guitar Hero available)

    2. Fables trades vol. 7 to 11, along with the Fables: Covers book

    3. ALL of Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern stories in either hardcover or trade

    4. An Apple iPhone (though I’m not giving up my 5th gen 30GB iPod or my sexy MotorolaRAZR once I get it.)

    5. Enough money to buy Wizkids so I can keep HeroClix around for at least another five years.

    6. I want to contract a rare disease wherein whenever I take a crap, gold coins wrapped in hundred dollar bills come out. (If I don’t keep asking for it, I’ll never get it)


  18. I wish gold causes constipation

  19. world peace?  meh.  id rather have a harem consisting of kat dennings, megan fox, sarah rohmer, that german chick from eurotrip, shannon elisabeth from when she was in american pie, and eva green.

    hey, if i dont ask…

  20. the main thing that i want for xmas is an xbox 360

  21. The only comics-related item on my wishlist is Bat-Manga: The Secret History of Batman in Japan.

  22. I don’t celebrate Christmas. I just buy stuff to reward mysekf for working hard.

  23. I want my family to actually listen to me and get me all those trades on my amazon wish list that I have told them about for 3 years.  Some reason it’s to complicated to go to amazon, look at my list, choose anything on that list and have it sent right to my house.  UGH!!!

  24. i want tickets to NY comic con this year