Chow Down on CHEW #11, Then Save Room for SWEETS

Lots of things to look forward to this summer, and one of them is a new crime series from writer and artist Kody Chamberlain. The five issue mini is called Sweets, and it's out in July from Image comics.

Sweets tells the story of New Orleans in the days before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. It's a story about murder run amok in one of America's most vibrant cities, and an investigation that gets swept up in the deluge. And it looks slick as hell. 

What I've seen from Chamberlain's blog has me more than antsy to get a hold of that first issue. But Image will also be releasing an additional teaser in the back of one of their finest titles. If you pick up issue #11 of Chew this week, you're not just getting the first chapter in an all new storyline; you'll also be getting a sneak peak at Sweets featuring previously unseen pages. Regular reader? Cool. You get a nice bonus for your usual 3 buck purchase. And if you're new to Chew, it seems like a fine place to dive in (the second trade is out this week as well).  

Here's some pages from Chamberlain's official blog, including the gorgeous cover to the first issue, out July 14th:

Here's the press release:

Fans who pick up a copy of John Layman and Rob Guillory's CHEW #11 on June 9, 2010, are in for a treat: an exclusive sneak peek of Kody Chamberlain's SWEETS! A Lousisiana native, Chamberlain makes his writing debut with this five-issue miniseries.
"I've been a fan of CHEW from the very beginning," says Chamberlain. "So, when John and Rob offered up some valuable real estate inside their comic, I decided to give them more than just a preview — I gave them an exclusive! I hope CHEW readers enjoy the peek at four unseen pages of SWEETS."
In SWEETS, a spree killer terrorizes New Orleans days before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Detective Curt Delatte just buried his only daughter, and he's in no condition to work. But when the bodies pile up, he masks his grief and joins the hunt through the bowels of the Big Easy. It won't be long until his city — and his evidence — gets washed away.
CHEW #11 (MAR100423), a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, features a four-page exclusive preview of SWEETS #1 and will be in stores on June 9, 2010. SWEETS #1 (of 5) (MAY100427), a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores on July 14, 2010.


  1. I’ve been waiting for Sweets every since seeing it on Kody’s blog. Looks really promising. Chew looks really good too.

  2. I got Sweets pulled on Heavy Ink as we speak…er..type. Y’know. Whatever. Anyway, it looks like it could be real top-quality stuff. I’m not completely sold on the setup, but I’ll give the first issue a shot. Chamberlain is just a real top-notch artist, to boot. And as far as I can tell, guys, he did all of it. Least it seems he did script, pencils, inks and colors. Tremendous amount of work for just one person.

  3. Seems like a good idea of a comic, hopefully the preview in CHEW makes it more so.

    Although the idea of a title called SWEETS make me think of it in the same vein as Chew…..Boy I was wrong before clicking on this link. 

  4. @TheNextChampion I thought it would be in the same vein too.

     That cover is amazing looking.

  5. Awesome I didn’t know the second trade was coming out yet. Definitely picking it up.