Cheerio! iFanboy News For the Week

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update about the site!

Both Conor and myself are off to London for a business trip. No it has nothing to do with this, it’s our much more un-fun day jobs. And Ron may or may not be around that much during the week. So, if things are a little slow this week, that’s why. We haven’t abandoned the site or anything like that. There’s still a new podcast on the way for the week, and we’ll be back by next weekend.

Feel free to make yourselves at home, but NO PARTIES! I want to see this place in the same shape as we left it when we get back.
Trust me. This trip sounds a lot more fun than it actually will be. You ever attend a company-wide meeting at a British company? You wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy!


  1. Whenever my friends travel abroad they pick up foreign speaking comics for me. I have German Spider-Man (Die Spinne) and Thai X-Men (no font). So can you get me some Batmans in British English? I am sure over there he says ‘jolly-o’ and talks to ‘Barrister Dent’ and “Constable Gordon’. AWESOME.

  2. Dudes. Take umbrellas.

  3. The foreign speaking comic does sound cool. I wonder if you can find a copy of V for Vendetta over there?
    It would show that some places understand that its a comic and not a re-enactment of recent events, but if its not there thats understandable to.

  4. You could get a copy of V for Vendetta quite easily at the moment its in most major bookstores. British comics are mainly geared towards a younger audience and the stories are a few years behind current stories.

  5. Bring back a copy of the comic book the videogame XIII is based on. It’s french.

  6. I got XIII super cheap a couple months ago because the idea of a cell-shaded shooter appealed to me. I got abouyt half way through it and I was not impressed. Maybe someday I will go back to it, but probably not.

  7. Not sure if you’ll see this post Over There, but if you have a little free time in London, try to get to Forbidden Planet (Leicester Sq tube stop, on Shaftesbury Avenue). It bills itself the Cult Entertainment Megastore, and that’s pretty accurate. There’s a HUGE selection of comics and stuff on their lower level. Plus, Leicseter Square is a nice part of the city to grab a bite etc. OK.

  8. Forbidden Planet is the big comic book store chain over here, I don’t like em much, they’re a bit faceless when compared to indie stores, kinda like the whole Walmart thing. Plus they have sent me damaged stuff whenever I’ve ordered from em. But I guess I’m just a bit biased.

  9. Oh yeah, and one thing to add, if you have time to pop into a WHSmiths (its a newsagent) then you might be able to find a copy of ‘Astonishing Spiderman’, ‘Wolverine and Deadpool’ and ‘The Mighty world of Marvel’ amongst other miscellaneous comics. These are reprints of old american comics ( 3 issues in each compilation) exclusively reprinted for English stores. I think that’s pretty much the only thing you’d find over here that yopu might not get in America. Oh and the 200AD and the Markosia crap as well.

  10. *eyes shift left and right*

    Can we talk about por now?

  11. We’re back!

    Currently my body thinks it is 2:30am. I am sleepy.

    Did I miss the porn talk?

  12. Porn? Like you didn’t visit the London red Light district. You’d think that you’d have gotten enough.

  13. Like we could afford porn in London!

    And to my body now it is 5:43 AM. It hurts to see things at the moment.

    MMmmm, jet lag.

  14. New comics day is Thursday in the UK. The only distributor is Diamond Comics, and since they have a monopoly they pretty much get away with late and incorrect deliveries all the time. At our store the comics arrive at about 10.30am, but I’ve heard of stores elsewhere getting their deliveries at 9.