Celebrate the end of Ex-Machina

One of our favorite comics of the past decade as definitely been Ex-Machina by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris.  Hopefully you saw our interview with Vaughan yesterday, if not make sure you go back and read that and get BKV's thoughts about the book coming to an end.  

For today though, we've got something super special from our friends at Isotope Comics in San Francisco.  Back in 2004, when Ex-Machina launched, James Sime (the proprietor of Isotope) worked with BKV and Tony Harris to have a stunning behind the scenes DVD Extras disc created for the launch party of the book called Ex-Machina: Deconstructing the Machine.  These extras included photos and videos as well as behind the scenes art and other details that outlined Tony Harris process with the book.  These extras were available to people who attended the launch party at the Isotope and after that have been unavailable.  Until today!

To celebrate the 50th and last issue of Ex-Machina, Isotope has dusted off this most excellent project and have made it available again on their website for everyone to sample and enjoy.  

Check out Ex-Machina: Deconstructing the Machine and revel in the process fun with Tony Harris.  This makes for an excellent bookend to do after you finish reading Ex-Machina #50!


  1. Phenomenal! So ahead of it’s time!

  2. Thanks for the links, Ron!  Harris’s process images are astounding.  And Isotope is your LCS, right?  Daaamn.

    I don’t know if "celebrate" is the word that best describes how I feel about this series ending — though I was happy to hear recently that Vaughan is planning more comics work.  I am thrilled that two of my very favorite comic creators got to tell the story they wanted to tell.  That’s worth celebrating.

  3. Is the the last thing BKV will ever write? If it is so its a sad day 🙁

  4. I have been hardcover waiting for this baby. I am going to get all the hardcover collected editions.