CASTING: Jason Patric is Christian Walker in TV’s POWERS Pilot

Last night we got our Pilgrim. Tonight, our Walker. According to a report from Deadline Hollywood, Jason Patric is set to play Christian Walker in FX’s Powers pilot. You will remember Patric from Speed 2, The Lost Boys, and last year’s The Losers. This is his first regular television role.

We’ll have more on the┬ápilot, based on Powers by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, as it happens.


  1. Wut.

  2. He definitely looks the part. I haven’t seen him in anything lately. I loved him in Narc. Anything else guys?

  3. Uh huh…didn’t see that coming.

  4. @jackietam  I don’t think anyone did!

  5. Awesome.  Easily one of my favorite actors. 

  6. I thought Kyle Chandler was being talked up?

  7. He’s only 5’10” and the Deena actress is 5’8″. I expected Christian to be a more imposing figure in size but I think he may be okay acting-wise.

  8. @WilliamKScurryJr  He passed.

  9. I thought he chewed the crap out of the scenery in The Losers, but lots of people seemed to think he was the best part of the movie. Don’t really know what to think about this…the character he played in the Losers is radically different than Walker – who is really a very understated character who reveals his depths very slowly. 

  10. @s1lentslayer  They can do amazing things with motion pictures these days. Also, they’re not cartoons.

    I think it kind of works. Patric is a little bit weathered. He’s been through the ringer. I think I buy it. The fact is, the guy who looks like the cartoon version of Walker doesn’t actually exist.

    It’ll be interesting, and I’m really curious to see it.

  11. @josh  Well 20 years-ago Patrick Warburton did

  12. @Heroville  Yes, but he was extremely silly.

  13. Okay, I say it, since no one else will say it “What about Nathan Fillon?!”

  14. @jackietam  …

  15. Good call. The last time I saw Jason Patrick was on 6th street in Austin, where a cop threw him to the pavement and arrested him for not standing on the sidewalk. Seriously, strange evening. 

    I think he makes a good fit for the part. 

  16. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jackietam  Apologize. Then do twenty laps around your block. 

  17. He’s a good versatile actor with tons of experience, that will be an asset to play against for Lucy Punch, I was worried about her if they went with someone with less experience. Jason Patric makes me thinks there could be some quality, and therefore the show may be good.

  18. He was fantastic in Friends and Neighbors- 

  19. Hmmmm…this may work.

  20. @josh What about this guy. I think he looks exactly like cartoon version of Walker.

  21. sigh…

  22. @TomE  totally

  23. Is that a picture of American Dad next to Jason Patrick?

  24. I always viewed Christian as more humble…

  25. I would naively think his former glory/Lost Boys cache is supposed to be a cute casting beat for a Powers show that isn’t really going to be very Powers. Business as usual.

  26. He’s a great casting choice after yesterday’s bewildering choice for Deena. It’s restoring my confidence in a big way.

  27. I’d cast warburton in anything really, but i think he’d have been a great walker. that said i think lost boy will bring something interesting to it.

  28. I concur about Owain Yeoman, sadly he’s already in a hit show (not sadly for him, obviously, he’s clapping his feet).

    Patric’s a really good actor, though, and he has the age, if not the ridiculous comic book height – this could still be good, cross your fingers, everyone…

  29. I think this is great casting. Jason Patric is very underrated. If you haven’t seen Sleepers, you should check it out.

  30. @Matrix  His voice makes anything he says comedy.

  31. @TomE  Wow. You’re not kidding. Well there you are.

    Still, do you know how much more money you make on a Network drama in a successful run than an FX pilot? It’s a considerable gulf.

  32. Does anyone have an idea of when we may see this show?

  33. @SamIAm I believe at this point, FX has only commissioned a pilot, which they’re filming in a few weeks. Assuming FX likes the pilot and chooses to order a series we’ll likely end up seeing the show early 2012 or summer 2012. FX doesn’t really follow a traditional network season structure, so it’s hard to say, but I could see them launching this with season 3 of Justified in January/February.

  34. Oof.  This makes me nervous.  The possibility of Kyle Chandler and Katee Sackhoff had me very excited.  This…not so much.  But I will withold judgment until actually seeing the show, I’m still hopeful that it will turn out great and that the Powers casting people know what they’re doing.

  35. I’m usually very open minded about these castings, but I’m not sure Patric has the pressence for this. I don’t mean physically. But the way I see Walker is that he’s a guy that everyone knows when he is in the room, even though he’s not saying anything and is doing his best to keep to himself. This is why he’s drawn so big. I’m not sure I see Patric pulling that off. I could be wrong though.

  36. @josh Yeah, I know. Just wishful thinking on my part.

    Owain Yeoman and Katee Sackhoff would have been my dream team. But I was basing it solely on their looks and past roles. I haven’t actually gotten to reading Powers yet. Bought the vol. 1 HC recently and I plan to read it before the show comes out.

  37. I think Patric’s good casting, he was pretty good in The Losers and I loved him in Narc. I think he can pull it off.