C2E2 2011: Mega Marvel Roundup! Iron Man! Dark Phoenix! Hulk! Mystery Men! Supreme Power!

Lots of high profile Marvel announcements went live yesterday, but during today's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2, they went hog wild. Plenty to talk about, so let's get right into it. 

Fans of Marvel's Noir minis might be interested in an all new lineup of Depression-era vigilantes. Black Panther writer David Liss and Spider-Man: Noir artist Patrick Zircher combine forces for Mystery Men, a five issue limited series launching in June. No Ben Stiller cameos. 


"Introducing Marvel’s never-before-seen pulp heroes! New York City, 1932…When the dead body of a young Broadway starlet is pulled from the East River, one desperate man will sacrifice everything – and enter a wild new world of outrageous costumes, femme fatales, rooftop battles, and secret lives – as he embarks on a deadly quest to clear his name and pursue justice! Along the way he’ll encounter four other all-new masked vigilantes – and a conspiracy that could bring the nation to its knees!  Award-winning historical thriller novelist David Liss (Black Panther: The Man Without Fear) and acclaimed artist Patrick Zircher (Spider-Man Noir) weave a twisted, edge-of-your-seat, and in-continuity adventure intertwined with America’s most scandalous crimes! The Surgeon! The Operative! Achilles! The Revenant! The Aviatrix! Before the Invaders…before the Twelve…who were the Mystery Men?"

In like Flint. 


Maybe you're looking for an event, but you're not so bedazzled by Fear Itself? Big Iron Maniac, are ya? How about The Iron Age? Sort of like a big What If? event focused on Iron Man and the Dark Phoenix. It launches in June with Iron Age Alpha. But it's not numbered like a limited series. We're looking at six one-shots. This all culminates in August's The Iron Age Omega. It's a Greek thing, ya see. 

Here are some preview images featuring Iron Age: Alpha, Avengers, Dazzler, Power Man & Iron Fist, Captain Britain, aaaaand…some mystery pages. 



"Earth has been destroyed by…the Dark Phoenix! Narrowly escaping destruction, Iron Man is flung through time and must recruit Marvel’s greatest—and most controversial—heroes from different eras in order to change the course of history. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captain Britain and more must join with Iron Man—but they’re not the heroes we know today and not all of them may want to stand with him! Rising stars Rob Williams and Rebekah Isaacs join for the century-spanning epic that takes you through the Marvel Universe’s greatest moments…and maybe to it’s last!"

That is a badass looking Cap Britain from Ben Oliver!


Curious about the fate of Black Panther in the wake of Matt Murdock's return to NYC? Looks like he's in for some Coyote and Roadrunner style misadventures with Kraven the Hunter in Black Panther: Storm Hunter starting in June! The story takes place in Black Panther #519 and #520. Take it, Simone Bianchi! 



Storm Hunter is drawn by Jefte Palo. Regular series artist Francesco Francavilla returns with the next arc. 

PANTHER + STORM + KRAVEN THE HUNTER = “STORM HUNTER”! From the rooftops to the subway tunnels, why is Spider-Man’s deadly foe stalking T’Challa across the city…and how long until the prey targets the pursuer? Plus: will the world’s greatest predators have anywhere to hide when Ororo arrives and rips the skies open? It’s the first meeting of husband and wife since the Panther’s new status quo…and the first Kraven vs. T’Challa fight ever…all in this two-part thriller that begins in Black Panther #519!


Hey, look who's back!


Written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Manuel Garcia, it's time for another crack at Supreme Power! The new four-issue limited series launches in June. 


"Supreme Power is back! Rising star Kyle Higgins and artist Manuel Garcia begin a new era for the deadliest super hero team of all time, picking up where JMS left off in a story inspired by his plans for the franchise! The man known as Hyperion has disappeared, hiding from the government and finally living the life he always wanted. Dr. Spectrum has taken his place as America’s greatest hero, and the US Military’s greatest asset. But when the balance of super-power threatens the world, and Dr. Spectrum becomes a deadly liability, Hyperion’s solitude may be short-lived. Can Dr. Spectrum bring himself under control, or will these two former allies find themselves at the center of a conflict that could engulf the planet? And just what does the US government really want with Hyperion? The groundbreaking, controversial Supreme Power is back and you won’t believe how this story ends, taking Supreme Power to the next level as envisioned by JMS!"


Last but certainly not least, we've got a look at Greg Pak's final Incredible Hulk story! Incredible Hulk: Heart of the Monster starts with Incredible Hulk #630 in June!


"Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" writer Greg Pak ends his legendary "Incredible Hulk" run — and he's taking the Green Goliath down with him beginning in Incredible Hulk #630! To protect his beloved family, Bruce Banner has spent the last year sacrificing himself in titanic clashes with monsters, demons, and the gods themselves. But what happens when the furious monster inside Bruce Banner says ENOUGH? Every wish comes true — and every curse is unleashed — as the angriest, strongest one there is finally seizes what HE wants. The Hulk's greatest love, most powerful villains, and ultimate triumph converge… in what just might be the end of the Incredible Hulk. Pak and red-hot artist Paul Pelletier unleash the next big Hulk epic!

All I've got to say is…WEN-DI-GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


  1. …Jean?

  2. How disappointing.  Whole bunch of nothing:( Well at least this saves me some money after all the other cool shit you guys announced.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @vadamowens  Keep in mind, we’re gonna get hit hard with lots of Fear Itself and Flashpoint real soon. So finding an announcement roundup with things you don’t plan on buying can be a godsend. 

    That said, I think Mystery Men looks really cool. 

  4. not really loving the design on The Aviatrix

  5. Mystery Men is more appetizing to me than Fear Itself, so I think I will be trying that out.  50/50 on the Kraven vs Black Panther.  I love me some Bianchi, but the last time I picked his stuff up, it was that TERRIBLE (yes that needed to be in all caps) Loeb Wolverine arc, so ‘once bitten, twice shy.’

  6. man, once upon a time i really loved Supreme Power

  7. that black panther art is epic

  8. Dangit Mysterymen looks cook and as I look at my poor poor neglected supreme powers trades I admit I’m excited about possibly picking this up. Iron age I will probably check it out in trade.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @MisterJ  Note, Bianchi is only doing covers. The interior art for Storm Hunter is by Jefte Palo.

  10. mystery men looks rad. Old time-y pulp fun. 

  11. Sumpreme Power yea!  Big Slappy for that

  12. @PaulMontgomery  Thanks.  Hadn’t noticed that. 

  13. All of this sounds kind of interesting to me.  “The Dark Phoenix Saga” is one of the most beloved story arcs ever, so it’s interesting to see Marvel return to the Dark Phoenix concept.  Liss is a historical novelist, so he seems a good match for a project like “Mystery Men.”  Loved me some JMS’ “Supreme Power.”  I’m not much of a Black Panther fan, but it seems natural that Kraven and the Panther would butt heads.  By the way, “Alpha” and “Omega” as any frat boy can tell you, are Greek letters.  The English language uses Latin letters.

  14. I’ve got pretty mixed feelings about Pak’s run on the (real) Hulk.

    When Pak started on the book, Banner was broken(and I mean that in a literal sense, not as a character).  Pak came in and quickly establashed exactly what Hulk was and how he worked in his first few issues of Planet Hulk.  The Hulk character was strong for the first time in years, the supporting cast was fantastic and the world that surrounded him was exciting and new.  After that high point there’s been a series of peaks and valleys(mostly valleys).  I’ve always felt like Pak had the chops to take Banner to great places but something always happened to pull things back and he never got to take the book exactly where he wanted it to be.  Here’s to hoping for better things ahead for ol’ Jade Jaws.

  15. @PaulMontgomery  I’ll admit, it peaked my interest.  I guess, based on an earlier post maybe a month ago that I was hoping for a Brubaker 1930’s run.  Who knows?  You always say its worth a shot to try out new writers, and that’s what I’ve always done as well.

    Did you dig the ‘Noir’ books released by Marvel?

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @vadamowens  I’ll be completely honest. Haven’t read any of them. Heard good things about the Luke Cage one. 

  17. I am sold on Mystery Men! With a few books on my pull list going away soon this will be a great replacement

  18. @PaulMontgomery  Haven’t touched ’em either.  I’ll get to them soon enough.

  19. That Mystery men title looks intriguing. I have no interest in the other ones. Even being the Iron man nut that I am, I want no part of an iron Man/Dark Phoenix/time travel/alternate universe story. 

  20. I was hoping Brubaker was gonna do Mystery Men. But David Liss definitely knows his chops when it comes to Noir themed stories. He can’t do regular superhero work (see Black Panther) but he can do noirsh type superheroes (Daring Mystery Comics).

    Speaking of Black Panther, boy it feels like Marvel has no idea what to do with him. The ‘Man Without Fear’ book is just awful to read and there seemed to be no direction going for him (and Daredevil too). I do like it that Storm is finally going to get involved with his life, cause Liss had to take a page out of the first issue of his new direction stating why Storm should not be even in the same state as him. 

  21. Wait…I thought Mystery Men was a Hickman teaser? Didn’t Hickman have some sort of creator-owned thing? 

    I’m kind of disappointed, but yeah, the concept sounds pretty spiffy. 

  22. Not to nit pick here but omega is greek. Not latin. It’s what the o stands for in my handle.

  23. @TheNextChampion  Yeah. It almost seems like he’s the Hawkman of Marvel.

  24. Dark Phoenix, Dark Beast, Dark Angel, what about a dark book Marvel

  25. Wondering who the next writer for Incredible Hulk will be.  I’d be thrilled if Jeff Parker took it over.  But we already have him on the Red Hulk book, and that book is just getting started.  It would be exciting if Marvel tabbed someone like Hickman.

  26. I am in no enthusiastic about another Squadron Supreme book. 

    Mystery Men looks interesting if only for Zircher’s art. He was great on those Thor books he did with Fraction. 

  27. The more I think about it, the more I want to read that Mystery Men mini.

  28. Mystery Men does look good, but I just didn’t rate Liss’s work on Black Panther (it looked great though).  Might have to wait for word of mouth and see what people think of it at the time.

  29. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ato220  Good catch. I’m too tired to function. 

  30. This didn”t do anything for me unfortunately.  I was pulling for a new Cosmic U announcement.