C2E2 2011: Cullen Bunn & Lee Garbett Don Their Water-Wings For FEAR ITSELF: THE DEEP

During today's Fear Itself panel at Chicago's C2E2, Marvel announced an exciting new limited series by Cullen Bunn and Lee Garbett. Fear Itself: The Deep

Defenders fans will want to take note. Have a look at this roster:

  • Namor
  • Doctor Strange
  • Silver Surfer
  • Savage She-Hulk


Combine this team with the writer behind The Sixth Gun and the original Stephanie Brown Batgirl artist and you've got yourself one of the most compelling 2011 event tie-ins on either side of the aisle. 


"Namor is targeted for death by one of the hammer-wielding Worthy and this is a battle no one hero can survive! With the X-Men under siege from a shocking foe (revealed in Fear Itself), the Sub Mariner must recruit an all-new team of allies to assist him– enter the Savage She-Hulk, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange! But if this team can’t keep the seas safe from the spread of fear and chaos gripping the world, there may just not be any hope for the rest of the Marvel Universe!" 

Here's a quick preview from Fear Itself: The Deep #1, due out in July. 

It all starts in July. For more information on Fear Itself: The Deep and everything else Cullen Bunn is up to–including his Fear Itself: Black Widow one shot–look for an upcoming interview very soon. 



  1. Sold. Love me the defenders in all its forms.

  2. Cullen Bunn seems to be getting a lot of big two work. Wonder if he’ll go exclusive or not.

  3. Sold.

  4. You don’t have to infer from the line-up that it’s the Defenders.  Look at the notes atop of the raw-pencilled page.

  5. And THAT’s how you get me on a tie-in! Love Dr. Strange, always dug the The Defenders, and I’ve become a huge fan of Cullen Bunn through his Oni Press work. Cannot wait!

  6. Namor = Must buy.

  7. love Cullen Bunn. always interested in tie-ins (believe it or not). love trenchcoat Dr. Strange. that art looks tasty. I’m in for sure.

  8. Dr.Strange: Awesome!

  9. This sounds great. Hope this sticks.