Brian K. Vaughan Has A New Project In The Works

For those waiting for Brian K. Vaughan's follow up to his beloved comic book works such as Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina, you are going to have to wait longer still.

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports that Stars Road Entertainment has sold Vaughn's hourlong drama Smokers to Fox.  The project, coming from an original idea from Vaughan, centers around "a documentary crew following working class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space."  Coming off three seasons writing on Lost, Vaughan is no stranger to genre network television, and given the rise in popularity of Fringe on the same network, this sounds like makings of a good pairing.

Stars Road Entertainment is no stranger to the world of comic books, headed by Spider-Man director Sam Raimi (along with producing partner Josh Donen), they have also been developing Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Sleeper as a feature film at Warner Bros.

While there may not be news on his next comics work just yet, in talking to Newsarama last month discussing the end of Ex Machina, Vaughan did indicate that upon finishing that series, he had come up with what he described as "an idea for another godforsaken multi-year epic."


  1. Sounds cool.  Actually sounds like FEAR Agent meets the Office. 

  2. @Neb  That’s what i was thinking! Man this sounds awesome. I hope they get all unknowns to add to the feel of the show being a real doc

  3. Fox: where genre shows go to die.

  4. Sounds cancelled.

  5. Seriously, BKV is a smart guy. I hope FOX wasn’t the first to say yes.

  6. I was going to make this long comment about how the big four networks would squander an opportunity and premise like this, but it was heading down the bitching and moaning road. So, the idea sounds great and BKV has proven he is a long-term planner and storyteller.

    Fox – don’t f’ it up.

  7. Hopefully it will air on FX instead of Fox.

  8. That, and no one watches anything good.

  9. I will give it a try, but anything on network television is going to be neutered and lack the sense of ‘realism’ that I hope for in order to buy in to a show completely. Also, I agree with the above: It sounds cancelled. This is exactly the kind of genre show that is almost certain to see one season, or less, and then die.

  10. I vote that we dont’ mourn the show before the first frame has been shot! With genre shows like Fringe, Lost, Supernatural and Smallville (SMALLVILLE, for fucks sake!) surviving in a hostile network environment, I feel like there’s a good chance for shows like this. With the right push ("From rhe minds behind ABC’s LOST…") this could totally take off.

    Go BKV! Make TV money so that you can come back to comics once in a while!

  11. TV is like anything else: you never know what will click and what won’t.  Let’s not judge this one before it comes out.  Who knows?  It could be a huge hit for them.  I’m just glad to see that FOX is willing to take the chance on the property to begin with.  Hopefully that’s an indicator of the strength of the premise and the story.

  12. Very excited.

  13. Sounds really good. But, I want him back making funny books!!!!!!!!

  14. I had the same thoughts as GeorgeXir. BKV is great and I think television is ready for a more diverse line-up but time after time Fox has not had the balls to take a risk and support a good show when there’s a potential the show might not have a super strong audience. At least the regular Fox station, on the other hand FX is producing some of the best non-HBO programs out there. We shall see…

  15. Considering how FOX is treating Human Target; yeah I don’t see this lasting long.

    The premise sounds good though, although (like everyone else noticed) feels a lot like Fear Agent. 

  16. It being on Fox doesn’t fill me with joy. Great concept.

  17. We had a long weekend in Canberra last week. In between beers and hangovers i managed to read all of y-the last man again. SO GOOD. i really miss the man’s comic book work